Shropshire Council

Buying small parcels of land from us

If you'd like us to consider a request to sell you some land please read the information regarding costs below.

You'll be responsible for paying our surveyors fees of £150, together with our reasonable legal fees, which are charged at an hourly rate of between £90 and £120 per hour (as a guide, the legal fees will usually be around £300 (no VAT plus disbursements)), and advertising costs if required.

Before we can proceed with your request, you'll be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of £50 to cover initial costs relating to land searches, consultations and document searches. Your deposit will be offset against these fees if your enquiry proceeds to completion.

If you want to buy land from us for garden or conversion to parking use only, the purchase price will be a minimum of £50 per square metre; this will NOT allow you to build an extension to your property. The purchase price for land currently used for parking will be at market value. If you want to buy land to build an extension to your residential property, the value will be separately assessed.

If you wish to proceed, please first check that the land you're interested in is likely to be in our ownership.

Having checked that the land is ours...

...apply to buy it using the application form »

The procedure for purchasing a parcel of land is as follows:

  1. We confirm the land is ours.
  2. We consult various departments within the council for approval to dispose or a reason for retention.
  3. We consult appropriate other parties, which may take up to six weeks, and may include advertising if appropriate.
  4. We then consider, reject, or accept any offers, subject to contract.

You would then need to appoint a solicitor, and the agreed sale would proceed to exchange of contract, and then completion through our legal department.

You may need planning permission for any proposed change of use. You must make your own enquiries as to whether your proposed use is acceptable.

Our full terms and conditions give more detail.  If you have any queries please contact Nigel Billingham, assistant estates surveyor, tel 01743 281076, or email