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Report a hate crime

You can report hate crime using our reporting form, or at a number of locations across Shropshire. Click the green button to download a Word version of the reporting form. Alternatively, a pdf version is available to download at the bottom of this page. Completed forms should be sent to

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Hate Crime

What is a hate crime?

A hate crime is an offence committed against a person or property motivated by the perpetrator's hostility and prejudice towards people because they're seen as being different.

As a crime, it will be acted upon by the police when reported to them. It's also a crime against the community and the people who are part of it. It will be acted on by a number of organisations and agencies which work in partnership with the police to improve community safety on a range of matters and issues.

A hate incident is an offence which is not a crime, again committed against a person or property, and motivated by the perpetrator's hostility and prejudice towards people because they are seen as being different.

By working together organisations will try to meet their equality and diversity obligations, particularly in seeking to eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation. In addition, working together encourages social inclusion and promotes a resilient and caring society.

A multi-agency approach

One of the ways in which we work together in Shropshire to tackle hate crime and hate incidents is through partnership working. We want to encourage people to report hate crime or hate incidents either by directly contacting the police or through other organisations and agencies.

There's a county-wide approach which supports third party reporting. This is when a victim or witness of a hate crime or hate incident prefers not to report it directly to the police, but still wants action to be taken and reports it to a non-police organisation. These third-party organisations then communicate directly with the police and other relevant agencies on behalf of the victim.

Examples of third-party places to report hate crimes and hate incidents in Shropshire include Citizens Advice Bureaux, local colleges, health services and housing associations, and customer service points for public sector bodies such as Shropshire Council and the Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service. Others involved include voluntary sector organisations like Home Start and Victim Support.

Download our leaflet to find out more about where to report hate crimes and hate incidents.

Hearing impaired?

Take a look at this leaflet and also the emergencySMS website to find out how you can report emergencies by text (this option is only recommended if you have no other way to report).

Funding for hate crime reporting

The Hate Crime Reporting Group has been allocated a sum of money by the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner as part of ongoing work to tackle hate crime, increase reporting and put in place projects and initiatives that can help support victims. The funding is available to organisations and agencies working to tackle hate crime. All applicants must be active in Shropshire Council’s local authority area and spend any agreed funding so that it benefits people in our Shropshire Council’s local authority area. Multiple funding applications can be made at the chair's discretion.

Eligible applicants

  • community groups
  • registered charities
  • not-for-profit groups
  • residents’ associations
  • registered social landlords 
  • public sector organisations

What do we fund?

Funding can be used for eligible costs such as:

  • hate crime and hate incident awareness work
  • hate crime and hate incident prevention including celebrating diversity, anti-discrimination and equality work
  • publicising reporting centres
  • training third party reporting centre staff / volunteers
  • research around hate crimes and incidents
  • projects for vulnerable people
  • activities for young people

Funding cannot be used for:

  • core costs for existing work (though we can support start-up costs for new projects)
  • staff salaries
  • retrospective funding – the funding will not pay for goods or services that have already been purchased or provided
  • grants for individuals

All work must be undertaken to ensure compliance with legislation, including the Equality Act 2010.


The existing application form for the Community Safety Fund can be used to apply for the Hate Crime Reporting Group Fund. Applications will then be considered by the members of the Hate Crime Reporting Group. Any member of the group who applies for funding will declare an interest and not take part in the decision making process. If the fund runs out in any given financial year, no further applications can be made.

Reporting arrangements – projects and outcomes

Monitoring reports should provide an insight into the extent of delivery of projects funded under this initiative, and whether the outcomes set out in the initial application have been achieved.

Monitoring procedure

  • an itemised breakdown of actual expenditure against budget in relation to any award must be submitted with copies of relevant invoices and receipts
  • a report of progress and impact
  • a note of any portion of the grant which hasn't been used as specified in the application form. Arrangements will need to be made for this money to be returned to Shropshire Council unless prior written consent is given by the Hate Crime Reporting Group, and endorsed by the Safer Stronger Communities Partnership Board, for it to be used otherwise

For more information please contact Andrew Gough (Shropshire Council, team manager – Safer Communities) on 01743 253984 or email:

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