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Much Wenlock flood alleviation scheme

The Much Wenlock Flood Alleviation Scheme is due to start on site later in October.  The scheme, which includes the construction of flood storage ponds on the Shylte and Sytche Brooks above the town, will reduce the risk of flooding to homes and businesses downstream.

The ponds, which will usually be empty, will fill during times of heavy rain. The collected water will then be released in a controlled manner so that flood risk downstream is reduced.  The ponds will drain down sufficiently quickly so that repeat rainfall events can be stored in a similar manner.

The scheme also includes the restoration of Westwood Quarry on Stretton Road and will enhance the habitats that can be found there.

The scheme will cost around £2 million and is being funded from Flood Defence Grant in Aid, Local Levy and Shropshire Council.  More information of funding for flood defence schemes is included in the council’s Local Flood Risk Management Strategy.

This web page will be updated regularly so that the latest information on the scheme is available.  If you have any questions about the scheme, you can contact the Flood and Water Management Team by email:

Proposed programme

Information event at the Corn Exchange

21 October 2016

Proposed start date

24 October 2016

Proposed finish date

March 2017


Wednesday 5 April 2017

At Sytche, construction of the outfall structure has now begun.  Once the reinforced concrete headwall has been constructed the vortex flow control device or hydro-brake, and the trash screen will be put in place.

Construction of wildlife ponds, designed to provide a breeding ground for great crested newts, has begun at Westwood Quarry.  These have been placed and skilfully shaped to tie into the existing environment, so that they appear to be a natural feature.

During the last week at Shylte, construction of the inlet channel to divert water into the pond from the existing culvert has taken place.  Work has also continued on the shaping of the final pond, and uncontaminated material unsuitable for use in the quarry has been taken to an approved tip off site.

Friday 25 November 2016

The earthworks for the Much Wenlock Flood Allevation scheme have now started at the Shylte site, with the formation of the main bund and transfer of material to Westwood Quarry.  This work will be ongoing in the run up to Christmas.

There are currently two sets of temporary traffic lights to assist with the lorry movements between the Shylte site and Westwood Quarry, both of which operate in the same way.  The lights are operational during site working hours, and are designed to assist lorries leaving both sites.  When there are no lorries leaving a given site, both of the traffic lights on the B4371 are set to green, to permit maximum movement of normal road traffic; these only turn to red when a wagon is leaving either of the two sites. 

Works on the Sytche site are currently halted as a result of the recent spell of wet weather, although we are currently looking at options to allow these works to re-start.

We have deployed a full time road sweeper to reduce the amount of mud on the road between Shylte and Westwood Quarry, and there is also a wheel wash which vehicles pass through prior to leaving the quarry site.  Thank you for your patience whilst these works are in progress

Monday 5 December 2016

The work at the Shylte site has made good progress over the last week, with the form of the pond becoming clearer, and the new earthwork bund is largely complete on the south side. We've excavated approximately 20-25% of the material, and the excavation should be well advanced by Christmas, depending on the weather and how difficult any rock is to excavate. 

Work to transfer the excavated material to Westwood Quarry to form the landscaping bunds is ongoing and will continue well into the new year, with five road vehicles currently being used.  The contractor is operating a wheel wash and jet wash for vehicles leaving Westwood Quarry, and there's a road sweeper to minimise residual mud on the road. However, care should be exercised on this stretch of road.

Monday 19 December

Work at Shylte is ongoing, and the flood alleviation pond here will be approximately half completed by Christmas. The excavation has reached the weathered rock, which is similar to the cutting in Harley Bank, which may affect progress. One of the four landscape mounds being constructed as part of the Westwood Quarry restoration has been largely completed, with a second bund partially completed also.

Work has recommenced at the Sytch site, and we're currently constructing a haul road to allow us to move the spoil from the excavation across the fields for onward transfer to Westwood Quarry. We're intending to use temporary traffic lights for the Sytch access during the coming week due to the number of vehicle movements, although the requirement for these will be continuously reviewed, as we're mindful of the disruption these can cause. These lights will operate in the same way as those on Stretton Road, with both sets being on green on the A458 unless there's a wagon leaving site, when both sets of light on the A458 will be on red. As we're working on all three sites, we've deployed two road sweepers to minimise any residual mud on the roads.

Friday 20 January

The project has re-started since the Christmas break, with work on going now at Sytch to form the alleviation pond and the associated bund.  The bund should be completed next week, after which time the main excavation will continue.  There are unlikely to be significant lorry movements on the A458 associated with this work early next week.

The Shylte pond excavation work has been slightly delayed as we have installed a new wheel wash at this location.  Wagon movements between Shylte and Westwood quarry are anticipated to re-commence on Monday of week commencing 23 January and to continue over the next few weeks, and so the temporary lights controlled access to and exit from both locations will be operational.  In addition, the road sweeper will be deployed periodically on the B4371 during working hours.

Friday 27 January

Work has progressed well at Sytch this week, with the containment bund largely complete. Excavation of the main pond will progress next week, with lorry movements and associated temporary traffic lights set up on the A458 expected during the week.

The stockpiles at Shylte have been significantly reduced, with significant amount of material run to Westwood Quarry this week. This will continue over the coming week, with the use of temporary traffic lights continuing at both sites.

We have nearly completed one of the landscape bunds and Westwood, with progress on two others.

Wednesday 15 February

The excavation of the pond at Sytche and the permanently wetted pools in the base have now been completed. Work has now started on the drainage downstream of the outfall structure, which should be completed by the end of next week. Construction of the inlet channel and outfall structure is still to be completed.

The contractors now have a metal trackway in place at Shylte, which is facilitating the hauling of the stockpiled material to Westwood Quarry. Excavation of rock has also begun at Shylte, and work is progressing well.

The condition of the road between the sites is being carefully monitored and a sweeper is running throughout the day to reduce the mud on the road. Intermittent traffic management is still being used at the entrance to the Shylte pond and Westwood Quarry, in order to assist the slow moving wagons as they pull onto the B4371.

The restoration bunds in the quarry are all being to take shape, and no great crested newts have breached the fencing installed to keep them out.

Monday 27 February

At the Sytche pond work has progressed with the construction of the surface water drainage downstream of the outfall headwall. This has included construction of the outfall headwall to the existing ditch, installation of a catchpit and carrier drains. The quality of the water in the deeper of the permanent wetted pools within the pond visually appears to be very high; it is clear and has a natural blue shade to it like a mountain pool.

Excavation continues at Shylte, and we're now almost to the finished level in places. This material is then being hauled to Westwood Quarry, where construction of the bunds has continued; two of the bunds are now near finished level. Intermittent traffic management continues to be used at Shylte and the quarry to ensure safe egress of the wagons.

Storm Doris produced some very windy weather in Much Wenlock, but there was actually very little rain on Thursday, and we had blue skies and sun for most of the day. The wind did blow down some signs and fencing, but this was quickly righted as soon as the problem was spotted.

Monday 6 March

It has been a quiet week at Westwood Quarry, due primarily to the poor weather conditions, but the landscaping bunds continue to grow. 

Work has continued on the excavation of material from the Shylte Pond, and as expected we have now reached a band of harder limestone in one section.  This means that the material has to be peckered out with a hydraulic breaker, before removal by the excavator.

At Sytche the majority of the drainage works have now been completed, and are just waiting for the final landscaping finishes.  Work is about to commence on the construction of the inlet channel, which will divert the existing watercourse into the pond.  A temporary footpath diversion and footbridge over the watercourse have been installed ready for when the works commence. 

Intermittent traffic management is still in place and active when wagons are running, to assist with their safe movement onto the public highway.

Monday 13 March

Progress on the scheme has continued like last week; with construction of the inlet channel to Sytche, excavation of material out of Shylte and construction of the bunds at Westwood Quarry. A temporary footpath diversion and footbridge over the watercourse at Sytche remains in place. Also, the intermittent traffic management is still in place when wagons are running, to assist with their safe movement onto the public highway. Two of the four landscaping bunds at Westwood Quarry have now been completed and are having the finishing touches applied. These include a rustic surface to encourage biodiversity and spreading of the existing species rich top soil, set aside prior to the works commencing, over the top.

Tuesday 21 March

At Sytche the overflow weir and half of the inlet channel have now been constructed.  The final section of the inlet channel will be constructed once the outfall structure has completed; work has now start on this.

The excavation of the main pond at Shylte has nearly been completed, and just requires a final shaping.  Construction of the inlet channel and the outfall structure are now due to begin.

Two of the landscaping mounds have now been completed at Westwood Quarry, and we wait to see if any of the seeds in the reinstated set aside top soil will germinate now Spring is here.

Intermittent traffic management and a road sweeper continues to be used as required, to assist with safe traffic movement on the highway.

Monday 27 March

Construction of the outfall structure at Sytche continues as planned. At Westwood Quarry shaping of the remaining two bunds continues, and construction of the great crested newt ponds. The inlet channel at Shylte is now being constructed and the final trimming of the main pond continues. The intermittent traffic management is on temporary hold until haulage of material to the quarry and from the pond sites commences again.

Monday 24 April

At Sytche the concrete portion of the outfall headwall structure has now been constructed. Top soiling work is being carried out along with other works on the structure. No works are being carried out at Westwood quarry at present.

At Shylte the manhole connections to the existing culvert are underway and the pre-cast outfall headwall to the inlet channel has been installed. The base slab for the main outfall structure has been poured in concrete, and works on constructing the walls is now on-going. 

No traffic management is in place at the moment due to the level of material movement taking place; however this will change as works progress.

Friday 28 April

Works have continued this week on the structures at both sites. Construction of the drainage outfall to the Shylte pond from Stretton Road has started. This work will require traffic lights to be in place for approximately two weeks from Tuesday 2 May.

Monday 8 May

At Sytche we've backfilled behind the outfall headwall, extending the bund and creating an access track to the structure. No works are taking place at Westwood quarry at present.

A concrete pour has taken place on the Shylte outfall headwall, and works continue on the structure. A surface water drainage outfall from the Stretton Road to the pond is nearing completion, with the chamber adjacent to the highway being constructed at present. 

Traffic management is still in place on the Stretton Road to enable construction of the surface water drainage and construction of the new maintenance access to the Shylte pond.

Monday 15 May

At Sytche the earthworks behind the outfall headwall have now been completed and the maintenance access track is nearing completion.  The vortex flow control device has been hung on the outfall headwall, and works on the benching has begun.

The Shylte outfall headwall has been constructed and the two vortex flow control devices hung.  The benching to directed water through the structure is also underway.  Construction of the access to the site from Stretton Road is on-going, and this is why the traffic lights are still in place at present. 

No works are being carried out within Westwood Quarry at present.

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