Shropshire Council

Radiation information

Our duties regarding radiation are to:

  • Prepare, review, revise, test and implement an emergency plan for any incident whilst ensuring it complements the plans of others who have a role to play in the intervention of a radiation emergency
  • Make arrangements to supply information to members of the public in the event of a radiation emergency actually occurring, however it may occur. These arrangements are intended to cover events such as: fallen nuclear-powered satellites; transport accidents; incidents occurring overseas that may also affect Great Britain; as well as from premises subject to REPPIR regulations - (Radiation (Emergency Preparedness and Public Information) Regulations 2001).
  • The Emergency Planning Unit liaises with various organisations in the preparation, review, revision, testing and implementation of off-site plans. These organisations include the emergency services, Environment Agency and Public Health England. This joint approach works very well, and continues to form strong links that will be vital in the event of a radiation incident. The strength behind this approach leads to a structured coordinated response.