Shropshire Council

Risk management

“Risk management is the process of identifying risks, evaluating their potential consequences and determining and implementing the most effective way of controlling and monitoring them. The objective of the process is to enable objectives to be achieved in the optimum way and to control negative factors or risks (eg loss of reputation) which could impact on an organisation’s success."
ALARM and District Audit

We've set ourselves four strategic objectives. In order to meet these objectives, and in line with the requirements of corporate governance, we're committed to demonstrating a robust and integrated risk management programme.

We have a wide range of operational-level risk management in place in all services, ensuring that day to day risks to staff and the public are effectively managed. In addition to this, a corporate risk profiling exercise has been undertaken which identified 12 key risks to the council as a whole.

Work is now well underway to address these risks, coordinated by the risk management officer and the strategic-level Risk Management Group. At directorate level, risk control frameworks are being rolled out which record the operational risks and the control measures in place.