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Employer engagement

Employer Engagement

Enable works closely with employers to identify job opportunities to match with suitably skilled candidates – ultimately resulting in longer term employment. We also offer time unlimited support to the employer, making sure that we are there to assist with any challenging communications or issues as well as training. As our services are voluntary to the employees and free to the employer, they have the added financial benefit of requiring no recruitment costs.

Encouraging applications from people with a range of abilities is good for business. It can help you to:

  • Increase the number of high quality applicants available
  • Create a workforce that reflects the diverse range of customers it serves and the community in which it is based
  • Bring additional skills to the business, for example; help with training costs for applicants who need job specific licenses as well as the ability to use British Sign Language (BSL), which could result in large savings

What we offer employers

  • Candidates that have been selected specifically for the job – ensuring that they have a strong interest in the role
  • Post-employment support and advice
  • Provision of training for all staff on disability awareness

We are able to provide a range of training courses to employers for their staff. By carrying out disability awareness courses, companies can be supported in developing strategies relating to disability in the workplace.

Job Coaching

Job Coaches assist with many aspects of our service, including skilling up the individual for the role and breaking tasks down into manageable bite-sized chunks. The job coach provides help with on-site training and making sure that information (i.e. inductions programmes) are presented to the individual in a format that they are able to understand and refer to.

A Job Coach provides a valuable link for the employer, making sure any concerns from either party are addressed quickly and efficiently. Job Coaches can benefit the employer greatly by helping to handle difficult situations, even when they are challenging to approach. 


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