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Setting up a new food business - useful information

In Public Protection we want to help you trade fairly and comply with the law. We've compiled a list of useful websites that will provide you with a whole range of information and useful links, linked from this page.

You'll find further useful information elsewhere on this website, including:

  • Business rates
  • Licensing (you may need a license, for example, if you intend to sell or supply alcohol, or to sell hot food after 11pm)
  • Planning (you must make sure the premises you intend to trade from have the necessary planning permission)
  • Building regulations (if you're building a new food premises or intending to carry out structural work to an existing premises then you may need building regulations approval)
  • A pest control service that can be used for ‘one off’ problems or for pest control contracts
  • Information on the sampling of private water supplies (ie not those from Severn Trent)

The Gov.UK website has guidance on the disposal of trade waste.

The Food Standards Agency website is an excellent source of information on food-related issues. The ‘Safer Food, Better Business’ pack and diary sheets can be downloaded from their site.

The ERWIN (Everything Regulation Whenever It’s Needed) website provides information pages that are tailored and prioritised to reflect your business.

Our Trading Standards team provides advice on issues such as food standards, age restricted sales and weights and measures, with additional information available from the Trading Standards Institute.

Information relating to health and safety is available from the Health & Safety Executive website.

For advice and guidance on tax, national insurance and related matters visit the HM Revenue & Customs website.

Take a look at our 'Guidance for businesses' page too.

Once you've decided to go ahead with your new food business you'll need to register with us.

Finally, The Food Standards Agency publication 'Your first steps to running a catering business' is a useful starting point for catering operations.

Good Luck with your new venture!