Shropshire Council

Empty homes council tax

In Shropshire, empty and unfurnished residential properties are eligible for a one-month exemption from council tax charges from when they become empty. After that, a 25% discount is applied for the following five months. Once a property has been empty for six months there will be no further discounting and a 100% council tax charge will be payable.

On 1 April 2014 a 50% council tax premium was introduced by central government, for long-term empty properties, in order to provide councils with a way to incentivise owners not to leave properties empty for long periods of time. Those properties which have been empty for two years or longer will attract a premium charge of 150% council tax. 

Paying council tax on an empty property is costly, especially as the property doesn’t generate any income, can attract unwanted attention and it can impact on the funds available to maintain and renovate the property. We therefore strongly advise that you do not allow properties to remain empty for long periods.  If you would like advice on returning your empty property to use please contact us.

You can find out more about council tax charges in Shropshire from our council tax pages.

If you think your property is in the wrong council tax band, or that it should be removed from banding due to its condition, you can make a formal challenge to the Valuation Office Agency – this is not something we're able to deal with.