Shropshire Council

Empty property incentive grants

Empty property incentive grants were previously offered to owners of empty property in our designated Empty Homes Action Zones. These grants have now been made available across all of the Shropshire district.

Grants are funded using a proportion of the New Homes Bonus, a central government grant paid to us based on the number of new homes built, and also the number of empty homes returned to use in the county each year. 

There are two levels of grant with varying conditions attached.  If you wish to apply for a standard level grant of up to £10K per unit (max of two grants per building) please complete our application form and read the relevant advice notes.  You will also be required to complete and return an owners certificate and proof of title document.  Please ensure that you include two quotations with your application, for each of the works you are applying for the funding to cover.  Please see our FAQs to assist with any queries you may have.

In certain circumstances we can offer a "£Negotiable Grant".  If you wish to apply for one of our "£Negotiable" grants please contact us to discuss this further.

Over the last few years empty property incentive grants have been used to help create 31 new units of affordable accommodation, and assisted in returning to use 26 empty properties across the county, some which were particularly challenging and run-down.