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Abandoned vehicles

If you believe a vehicle has been abandoned and needs removal you can report this using our online fault reporting form.

Report an abandoned vehicle »

What happens next?

All vehicles that are considered to be abandoned are dealt with using the Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978 and the Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005 which contain relevant legislation that is used to remove abandoned vehicles from public highway.

First visit

  • Notification from web enabled form, CSC or police reporting a suspected abandoned vehicle.
  • Enforcement officer visits the targeted vehicle to confirm that in their opinion the vehicle has been abandoned. Where doubt exists a planned monitoring phase is arranged to determine use of the vehicle. Usually 1 calendar week.
  • Photographs are taken and an abandoned vehicle assessment report sheet is completed. The recording of relevant dates, times etc are made in officers pocket notebooks.
  • If the vehicle is suspected as being abandoned, the officer will affix a seven day removal notice on the vehicle.
  • DVLA search will be undertaken to ascertain the registered keepers details and notice of intention to remove sent.
  • If the vehicle is a severely damaged or is assessed as a health and safety risk, the visiting officer can immediately order the vehicle to be removed for disposal.

Second visit

  • If the vehicle has not moved within the period of the seven day notice, and no response has been received for the letter of enquiry, then the targeted vehicle will be immediately marked for collection and subsequent disposal by the council's authorised contractor.

Taxed vehicles

Current legislation concerning the processing of a taxed vehicle that, in the opinion of the council officer, appears to have been abandoned confirms the following:

  • taxed vehicles can be legitimately treated as an abandoned vehicle provided the council takes all reasonable steps to find and inform the last known keeper /owner of their intentions. The procedure for the removal of taxed vehicles will be the same as the removal of an untaxed vehicle if considered abandoned.

Untaxed vehicles

Untaxed vehicles can be reported:

Lost and stolen

  • Before any vehicle is sent for disposal or sold, all abandoned vehicles are checked with the police to ensure that they are not lost or stolen. 


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