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Countryside access strategy review

  • Period: 12 June 2017 - 31 July 2017
  • Status: Closed
  • Audiences: Everyone
  • Topics: Leisure and culture
  • Type: Public


The Countryside Access Strategy for Shropshire was published in 2008 and is due to be rewritten for publication in 2018. It acts as the Rights of Way Improvement Plan in accordance with the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. This paper reviews how well the strategy has been delivered, considers any issues or barriers and makes suggestions for improvements for the future.

The statutory duty for maintaining Rights of Way rests with Shropshire Council, along with farmers and landowners. Delivery of the Countryside Access Strategy is the responsibility of the Outdoor Partnerships Team within Shropshire Council, along with a wide range of partners; farmers and landowners, other Public Bodies, users, charitable organisations and businesses.

Purpose of this consultation

We are seeking views on whether people agree with our review of progress and what we have missed. In addition we'd like to know whether you agree with the priorities that have been identified.

The review of the Countryside Access Strategy will inform a new Outdoor Partnerships Strategy (2017-2022) and a Rights of Way Improvement Plan (2018-2028).

The high-level aims of the strategy are listed below and the full review document is attached to this page where you can read the full details of achievements, issues and priorities for each.

Once you've read the document, click on the 'get involved' tab near the top of the page to access a short online feedback form where you can comment on each aim.

High-level aims

  • Countryside access - balancing what people need with what is available
  • Working with communities - encourage and support local communities wishing to make use of and develop access to Shropshire’s Countryside
  • Making local journeys - ‘increase peoples’ use of the Rights of Way network for local journeys to support a sustainable transport network’
  • Health and wellbeing - 'improve people’s health by encouraging more people to be active in the countryside’
  • Access for everyone - ‘increase the opportunities for hard to reach groups to access the Shropshire Countryside’
  • Visiting Shropshire's countryside - ‘to provide a high quality access network that supports a thriving tourism economy’


Thank you to everyone who completed this survey. The results are informing the work of the Outdoor Partnerships Service, and will be included in the evidence for the new Shropshire’s Great Outdoors Strategy, the draft of which is due to be published in April 2018.

To let us know your thoughts on the information provided within the strategy review document, click on the green button to access our short online feedback form.

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