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What our customers say

“I would just like to thank Joint Training for running the Stroke Aware course which I attended.  It was invaluable as my partner, who was a picture of health, most unexpectedly had a stroke this week.  Had I not done the course I doubt that I would have taken his symptoms seriously and take him straight to hospital."

Customer, September 2017

"I went on the first course yesterday and it was very good. I was relieved to discover I still remembered a lot from my time in Housing and my multi-agency work.  It was extremely interesting and stimulating - like old times!  I'm so glad you accepted me as a volunteer and I'm looking forward to when I can start contributing."

Barbara L, October 2017

"It was very professional. I have lectured in college and university for a number of years and appreciate how much hard work has gone in to the preparation to make this two days appear so seamless. Dementia is an emotive subject, and complex, however both tutors readily engaged the group with a variety of teaching styles, which takes a wealth of knowledge and understanding to present the subject matter in such an accessible way to the group. A big well done and thank you.  Please let me know when this dynamic duo appear again and I will be first to sign on if it is relevant to my role as a staff nurse."

Learner, June 2018

"The recent autism training we had was hands down the best training I have ever received! I have done this training before but the fresh approach of a trainer who is living with autism was really eye opening! The chance to see into the world of an autistic adult was fantastic and it opened me up to things I have never considered before."

Learner from Livability – October 2018

"I would like to say how much I enjoyed the course and the content. It was put across in such a way that was easily understood by me who has not had any medical training. I took away with me so many new ideas and activity ideas to engage with the dementia patients in our community hospital where I volunteer."

Inspirational activities for people with Dementia – October 2018