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Health and social care organisations continue to ensure people receiving care remain safe and well

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Shropshire’s health and social care organisations have praised the high level of care providers rated as ‘Good’ and ‘Outstanding’ following a recent report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

It is very reassuring that the significant majority of inspections rated services as ‘Good’. It is also important to remember that even those services identified as “requiring improvement” have some “Good” ratings in different areas.  Shropshire had only one provider assessed as inadequate and they are working with Shropshire Council and partners to address the concerns about the service.

An adult receiving social care

Adult social care

Andy Begley, Shropshire Council’s director of adult social care and housing, said:

“Shropshire Council and its partners are very proud of the high quality of adult social care service providers in Shropshire. Recent national media coverage  has rightly highlighted the concerns about care across the UK, and as a sector we must remain vigilant in terms of quality and risk for care users.

“We believe we have an important role in supporting the independent sector to continually strive to improve its services. We work closely with Shropshire Partners in Care, a representative body for the independent sector, Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group, the Joint Training team and adult social care teams. By applying our collective effort and strength of partnership with providers who come together through Shropshire Partners in Care, we can drive and promote quality and support each other to continually improve.”

The Care Quality Commission is clear that a well-led, trained and person-centred workforce is key to providing high quality care. The leadership courses provided to registered managers, and extensive wider training offer delivered through Shropshire’s partnership approach, has created a highly skilled and stable workforce.

The council is committed to preventing service failure for any reason. One of the ways it does this is to share information on a regular basis with its partners (including the regulator the Care Quality Commission) to identify any providers that cause us the most concern. If the council becomes worried about a service it takes a range of actions, from asking owners to come and talk to them about the councils concerns, to holding multi-agency meetings to discuss services in order drive improvement forward. If things go very wrong, the council also have robust adult safeguarding procedures in place.

If you have any compliments or concerns about a regulated adult social care service, please let the service know, tell the Care Quality Commission, or contact Shropshire Partners in Care.

If you have any safeguarding concerns about an adult, then please report it by calling 0345 678 9021. You can also report concerns online at https://new.shropshire.gov.uk/adult-social-care/where-can-i-get-help/concerned-about-someone/

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