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Current public path orders

Changes to the public rights of way network may only be made by way of a legal order.  Depending on the circumstances, the statutory provisions of the Highways Act 1980, Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and Town and Country Planning Act 1990 allow us to follow a procedure to propose changes to create, divert or extinguish a public path. Once made, an order is advertised by way of a notice which specifies a period and procedure for lodging objections to the proposed changes. If objections are made, we must refer an order to the Planning Inspectorate for determination. This may be by way of a public inquiry, hearing or written representations. If an order is unopposed, we may confirm the order. Any change made as a result of a confirmed public path order is recorded on the Definitive Map of Public Rights of Way (the legal document). 

Below is a table of all the current public path orders.

To help you understand the table content better, a glossary is included above the table explaining what the abbreviations mean.

Where there's current paperwork, it's identified as a link in the route reference column.  Paperwork from the older orders is available on request, simply use our online form. (Be sure to make a note of the route reference your request relates to).


  • FP = Footpath
  • BW = Bridleway
  • RB = Restricted Byway
  • DMMO = Definitive Map Modification Order
  • PINS = Planning Inspectorate
  • PI = Public Inquiry
  • H = Hearing
  • WR = Written Representations
Route ref and locationOrder typeDate order madeObjections closing dateOjections receivedPINS ref / determination methodPINS decision /date of conf.

Caynham FP17 (pt)

The Penny Black

Diversion 28/07/17 28/08/17      

Clunbury FP 20 9 (pt)


Diversion 28/07/17 28/08/17      

Shrewsbury FP 9
St James Road

Diversion 20/07/17 17/08/17      

Cheswardine RB3/FP3 (pts)
(Haywood Farm)

Diversion 20/07/17 18/08/17      

Market Drayton / Moreton Say BW9/9B (pts)
(Rush Lane)

Diversion 20/07/17 18/08/17      

Condover FP 40 (pt) Dorrington

Diversion 08/07/17 04/08/17      

Ludford FP1 (pt) Foldgate Lane

Diversion 30/06/17 28/07/17      

Llanymynech & Pant FP7 (pt) Barley Meadows

Diversion 29/06/17 27/07/17      

Weston Rhyn FP14 (pt) Retford Villas

Diversion 22/06/17 20/07/17 No   17 August 2017

Sellatyn & Gobowen FP13Y (pt) Wats Meadow

Diversion 22/06/17 20/07/17 No   17 August 2017

(Badger Chase)

DMMO 15/06/17 26/07/17 No   10 August 2017

(Weston Woods)

DMMO 18/05/17 30/06/17  Yes    

Longden FP 72 (pts)   Exfords Green

Diversion 06/04/17 08/05/17 Yes    

Myddle and Broughton (Wood Farm)

Diversion 23/03/17 24/04/17 No    29/06/17

Shrewsbury FP81 (Oteley Rd)

Diversion 09/02/17 09/03/17 Yes    

Whitchurch FP42 (pt) (Yocking Gate)

Diversion 16/02/17 16/03/17 No    

Richard's Castle BW Additions - Mitnell Lane

DMMO 19/11/15 08/01/16 Yes     

Wem Rural FP UN1 (Weir Cottage)

Diversion 20/08/15 18/09/15 No    
Neen Savage / Cleobury Mortimer FP 44R (Glen Caravan Park) DMMO 19/07/13  02/09/13 Yes    
Shrewsbury Parish Review DMMO 17/11/11  03/01/12 Yes  

Part confirmation 06/02/14

Shrewsbury Parish Review DMMO 27/08/09  09/10/09 Yes    

Frodesley BW 4/FP 7 (Frodesley Lodge)

DMMO 25/02/10  15/04/10 Yes

Public inquiry notice

FPS/L3245/7/16   Notice of proposed modification (following public inquiry Dec '16)

Claverley FP Additions (Sutton Mill Lane) DMMO 02/10/09  13/11/09 Yes    
Ruyton-XI-Towns/Baschurch FP 13/FP 61 (Platt Mill) DMMO 10/11/05  23/12/05 Yes    


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