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Permanent traffic regulation orders

Traffic regulation orders (TROs) on byways open to all traffic (BOATS) in Shropshire

The following BOATs are subject to permanent TROs prohibiting use by motor vehicles (except for lawful private access to residences or adjacent farmland).

  1. BOAT 45 in the parishes of Chirbury with Brompton/Worthen with Shelve, which runs from the county road between Priest Weston and White Grit (grid reference SO 3019 9771) generally north-easterly through Mitchells Fold Stone Circle, and continuing to the county road at Hemford (grid reference SO 3210 0013); a distance of approximately 3185 metres.
  2. BOAT 28 in the parish of Clee St Margaret, which runs from Marshgate to the north-east of Clee St Margaret (grid reference SO5685467) in a southerly direction to the county road at Burnt House (grid reference SO 5683 8381); a distance of approximately 883 metres.
  3. BOAT 29 in the Parish of Clee St Margaret, which runs from the centre of Clee St Margaret (grid reference SO 5683 8413) initially along a wide stoned track which serves as access to Brookbank Farm, and then continuing in a south-easterly direction along a very narrow steep sided sunken lane to the junction with BOAT 28 (grid reference SO 5651 8445); a distance of approximately 490 metres.
  4. BOAT 8 in the parish of Clee St Margaret, which runs from a point north-west of Clee St Margaret (grid reference SO 5664 8534) along a hedged lane in a general north-westerly, north-easterly, easterly then north-easterly direction, before meeting the county road on Upper Cross Lanes at (grid reference SO 5636 8450); a distance of approximately 1097metres.


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