Shropshire Council

Parking strategy consultation


We provide car parks and on-street parking in towns across the county. The way that we manage and run our car parks and on-street parking is determined by our parking strategy.

The current parking strategy and our current charging arrangements were introduced in 2012, but a lot has changed in the past five years, and now the strategy needs to change too.

In simple terms we want to offer an improved parking service that is hassle-free, and that makes use of the latest technology. We want a service that offers value for money and that is consistent across the county, and we want to make it easy for our customers to understand how much it costs to park, on-street and in car parks, and how to pay.

We’ve carried out a detailed evidence-based review to inform the new draft strategy, and we have some ideas about how we can achieve this by making our parking charges simpler, clearer and easier to understand – but before we do anything we want to know what you think.

This consultation is split into four sections, each linked to this page. You can have your say on individual sections, or on the consultation in its entirety:

  • Section 1 - linear parking; pricing bands; unrestricted parking; evening parking; loading bays; ‘pop and shop’ parking, and Raven Meadows opening hours
  • Section 2 - A new policy and tariff framework for weekly tickets, season tickets, residents’ off-street permits, and for coach and HGV parking
  • Section 3 - Proposed changes to our on-street residents’ parking permit scheme
  • Section 4 - Proposed changes to the car parking waiver system

Please note that all current concessions for blue badge holders, residents and permit holders will remain unchanged.

The consultation closes on Tuesday 17 October.