Shropshire Council

Residents' parking permits

We operate the following residents' parking schemes:

On-street residents' parking

Off-street residents' parking

All schemes are enforced by our civil enforcement officers and are designed to control indiscriminate parking on residential streets while retaining access for the emergency services.

Using a permit

  • A permit must be displayed clearly in the windscreen of the specified vehicle so that all details can be read from the outside. You'll be provided with a holder for this purpose
  • A penalty charge notice may be issued if the permit is defaced, copied or added to in any way, or if it is clearly not displayed
  • The permit remains our property and should be returned to the address at the bottom of this page when it's no longer required or at our request

I don't live in a residents' parking zone, what are the options?

If you live in an area that isn't covered by the residents' parking scheme you can apply for a car park season ticket, available in certain car parks across Shropshire.

What if I have a blue badge?

Blue badge holders are not required to display a residents' parking permit on-street. Waiting time is unlimited as long as the blue badge is displayed in the vehicle.

Visitors, carers and health care professionals

If you're eligible for on-street parking permits in Bridgnorth and Ludlow you can purchase books of visitor scratch cards from your local customer service point. Residents can also register visitors' or carers' vehicles as part of the two vehicle allocation on their permit. You don't have to own or be the registered keeper of the vehicle. Alternatively, a non-resident carer may like to consider obtaining a waiver for health professionals


If you move out of the area you may be entitled to a refund on your permit allocation. Refunds will only be made on whole months remaining on the life of the permit. If you purchased your permit by credit/debit card then the refund will be made directly into your account. Please send the permit, together with confirmation of your name and where we should send the refund, to:

Shropshire Council
Public Protection and Enforcement
Abbey Foregate

If the vehicle on your permit is not being used (eg in the garage being repaired) or it has been sold and you're going to be using a hire vehicle for a period of time, you can add the hire vehicle to your resident permit. To do this you'll need to go to one of our face-to-face points with a copy of your hire agreement showing the vehicle details and confirming that it's on hire to you. When you return the hire car and start to use your own vehicle again you need to return to a face-to-face point to amend your permit again. You'll be charged a £5 administration fee for this service.