Shropshire Council

CIL charging schedule

The CIL rates applied within Shropshire Council are set out in the Shropshire CIL Charging Schedule. These are:

  • £40 per square metre of new residential development in Shrewsbury, the market towns and key centres.
  • £80 per square metre of new residential development elsewhere.
  • Nil levy rate for affordable housing.
  • Nil levy rate for employment-related and other non-residential types of development

The National CIL Regulations (2010) specify that CIL rates are subject to annual indexation using the national BCIS All-in Tender Price Index. The indexation for 2017 has resulted in a 19.64% increase of the CIL rates charged by Shropshire Council. This indexation applies to all development approved in 2017.

The National Indexation changes for each calendar year can be found below. These changes are from the original CIL rates set by Shropshire Council in 2012 (i.e. £40 per square metre and £80 per square metre, dependent on location).

Calendar Year

Indexation change from 2012 rates











The spatial zones where these rates apply are identified within the maps supporting the CIL Charging Schedule.

These maps, including the Charging Zones for All Shropshire and more detailed plans for Shrewsbury, the market towns and other key centres are available to download from this page.

Charging schedule and zones