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LDF Implementation Plan

The LDF Implementation Plan forms an important part of Shropshire’s LDF. It provides clarity on the main infrastructure requirements for Shropshire's settlements, identifies whether developer contributions will be sought for each requirement, and sets out general principles as to whether these will be addressed through Section 106 Agreements, the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) or direct developer funding. 

The LDF Implementation Plan comprises a strategic LDF Implementation Plan document and 18 supporting Place Plans. The LDF Implementation Plan for 2015-2016 was approved under delegated powers following Shropshire Council’s Cabinet meeting on the 29 July 2015. The 18 supporting Place Plans can be viewed on our place plan page.

CIL List 2016-2017

The annual CIL list (CIL Regulation 123) identifies the infrastructure priorities for the use of CIL over the year ahead. The CIL list was updated to reflect the outcome of this year's place plan review and was agreed by Shropshire Council’s cabinet in June 2016.

Code of practice

The code of practice sets out the governance arrangements for annually reviewing the place plans. It is in two parts. The first ‘Developer Contributions Code of Practice’ sets out the annual discussion that will take place with each town and parish council to identify local investment priorities within each locality. The second ‘Infrastructure Provision Code of Practice’ sets out the annual discussion that will take place with infrastructure providers, to identify Shropshire's strategic infrastructure needs.

In addition to reviewing the place plans, the code of practice provides the framework for determining annual priorities for the use of monies received through the CIL. It sets out that 10% of all CIL monies will be used for strategic infrastructure (identified through the Infrastructure Provision Code of Practice) and 90% will be made available for local infrastructure priorities within the settlement in which the development has taken place (identified through the Developer Contributions Code of Practice). These annual priorities for the use of CIL are set out in the CIL list within the LDF Implementation Plan.

Resource pack

A resource pack for the Shropshire Place Plans has been put together to assist town and parish councils and Shropshire councillors in understanding their role in working with communities to identify the local priorities for the use of CIL. A copy of the resource pack is available below.

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