Shropshire Council

Collection information

In adhering to the following advice, you'll be helping us run an efficient service:

  • Please only put your recycling, rubbish and garden waste in the containers supplied by us
  • Lids must be fully closed on all bins, and we can't accept extra waste put out next to your bin
  • The correct waste must be in the correct container. We can't collect containers which are 'contaminated' with the wrong type of waste
  • Containers should be presented on the pavement in front of your house or in areas without pavements on the edge of the nearest 'adopted' road
  • All containers must be out by 7am for collection on your scheduled collection day and taken back in as soon as possible after they're emptied
  • At all other times (other than your collection day) your waste, sacks, bins and boxes should be kept on your own property

Help with your collections is only offered in exceptional circumstances, such as severe ill health or disability. We can't offer assistance if you have any able-bodied person over 18 living at the property. To request help with your collections, please contact us.

Residents are entitled to one 240l garden waste bin. A second bin can be provided for an annual charge of £65. Please call 0345 678 9007 to order.

In the event of bad weather – waste and recycling collections

If we’re unable to collect your waste or recycling due to severe bad weather, please:

  • Leave your refuse bin out. If we can't get to you on your scheduled collection day we’ll come back and collect it as soon as it is safe to do so
  • Take your garden waste bin back in, and put it out on your next scheduled garden waste collection day
  • Leave your recycling boxes and blue sacks out (as long as they don’t present a trip hazard). We’ll collect them as soon as it is safe to do so