Shropshire Council

Housing and industrial estate roads

When a road on either a new housing or industrial estate is proposed, the Highways Development Control Team check the plans to ensure they comply with our standards.

In these circumstances, the developer should either pay the highway authority a cash deposit, called an 'advance payment', or enter into a section 38 agreement.

A Highways Act (1980) section 38 agreement is a legal agreement between us and the developer to ensure that the roads and footways are constructed to an 'adoptable' standard. When the agreement is made, the developer provides a bond. This bond ensures that if the developer doesn't finish the highway, money is available to complete the work, so the road can be 'adopted' by us.

A Highways Act (1980) section 278 agreement may also be entered into by a developer. This is a legal agreement between us and the developer in respect of work to alter existing roads and footways - a new mini-roundabout at the access to a new housing development, for example.

When highways within a new development are to be adopted by the highway authority, the works are checked as they progress to make sure that they are being built to established standards.

Design specification for residential and industrial housing estates

A guide for architects and developers provides advice on the procedures to be followed to secure the adoption of highway, and to document construction standards. The guide provides information:

  • To ensure an acceptable quality and standard of construction for adoptable areas which can be satisfactorily maintained at a reasonable cost.
  • To allow for the efficient provision of public utilities and other services.

You can view the guide online, or download a copy for printing, by opening the attachments on this page.

We encourage innovation in design, so the current guide is under review, and will be available in due course on these pages.

Please also take a look at our 'Manual for streets', which provides further specification information.

The attached design specification is currently under review as it refers to Shropshire County Council and is therefore out of date. However, much of the information in it remains relevant and, until the new specification becomes available, please contine to refer to it.