Shropshire Council

Local land charge searches

Buying land or property in Shropshire

When buying land or property, you or your solicitor will carry out a local land charges search. In Shropshire, this is submitted to our Land Charges Department. The highway-related questions are sent to Highways Development Control for completion. The Con29(R) form is completed by all relevant departments, and Land Charges collate the responses.

These are the topics addressed by the Con29(R) form:

  • whether the property site is abutted by an adopted highway
  • whether the property site is within 200 metres of a council road improvement scheme
  • whether we have any traffic schemes near to the property site, ie are we intending to put double yellow lines outside the site?

These are the topics addressed by the Con29(O) form:

  • whether there's a public right of way passing through the site or abutting
  • whether the site is affected by a private body improvement

Take a look at the following questions and answers to find out more:

Can you tell me the extent of the highway on the Con29(O)?

No - unfortunately, it's not possible to give an answer to the extent of the highway as an additional question on the Con 29 form.

How can I get information on the extent of the highway?

If you have a question relating to a grass verge next to your property, or a hedge or ditch which may need some maintenance, Highways Development Control will undertake an 'extent of the highway' query.

The cost is £57.50, and is zero rated for VAT purposes. If your property is a large estate or commercial premises, the cost is likely to be £115, but please phone us for advice before sending in the request with payment, as charges may vary. For example, for first estate registration charges are likely to be greater.

Please submit a plan at a scale of 1:1250, with the area or areas of interest clearly marked.

We can accept payment of fees for highway-related enquiries over the phone. You can pay with a debit or credit card, and the receipt will be emailed to you as soon as the transaction is complete. This is a fast way of processing highway extent questions. We'll email the reply to you.

Can I view roads on an interactive map?

How can I get highway information for a personal search?

Under section 36.6 of the Highways Act (1980), the highways authority is required to hold a list of streets within the unitary area which are highways-maintainable at the public expense. The list is available on a computer to view at Shirehall. We require personal search companies to make a specific appointment to view the list of streets. An appointment ensures that everyone has a reasonable amount of time available to complete their enquiries. You can make an appointment by phone.

Other highway information to enable a Con29 (R) to be completed can be accessed by either submitting a full local authority search or by asking specific questions from the Con29 form. Requests for this service should, in the first instance, be addressed to Land Charges.