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Appeal against allocation of school place

If you apply for a school place and are advised that there is no place available, you are entitled to appeal to an independent appeals panel.

Before making an appeal we do advise that you read our Options if a school place is denied information and the infant class size guidance. If after reading this information you still wish to make an appeal application please read on.

How to appeal

If you have any difficulty in completing the appeal form, for example due to a disability or language problems, please contact us.

What happens next?

In accordance with the School Admissions Appeal Code, the council, as the admissions authority for community schools, must set a timetable for organising and hearing education appeals. 

The clerk to the appeals panel will send you a notice of the appeal hearing asking whether you wish to attend, with or without a representative. A week before the appeal you will be sent a copy of the authority's response.

Appeal hearings may take up to 30-40 school days to arrange. The clerk to the appeals panel is normally obliged to give parents or carers 10 school days notice of the date of an appeal hearing. If parents or carers are prepared to waive the normal period of notice, it may be possible to arrange an earlier appeal.

Please note:

  • Appeals take place in term time only
  • Parents can put their case in person to the appeals panel, which is independent of the admissions authority
  • The panel's decision is final and binding on all parties
  • Parents may only lodge one appeal in an academic year unless there are any material changes to their circumstances, such as a permanent change of address
  • Appeals are arranged through the council's Committee and Legal Services team and will be held at a venue away from the school

For more information on the appeals pages in the general information section of the Parents' guide to education in Shropshire' booklet.


School Admissions Team
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