Shropshire Council

The switching process

Switching your energy supplier is a simple process. Once you’ve told SSE you want to switch to them, they'll contact your existing supplier to arrange the switch for you. You won’t lose gas or electricity supply during the switch. Switching is free, but you may have to pay an exit fee if you’re on a fixed-rate tariff - check with your current supplier. The process normally takes around three weeks, but can sometimes take longer. SSE will confirm the process when you phone.

In order to switch, as a minimum SSE would only require that customers can provide the following:

  1. Full name and address

However, if you can provide it, the following information would be useful to provide a more accurate quote:

  1. Current meter reading (in case of any problem during the switch)
  2. Your energy usage (gas, electricity) in KWh – this information should be on your current/latest bill
  3. Energy usage in £ per year

If you have none of the additional information (points 2-4) they will take you through a number of questions to try and establish your situation such as type and size of home you live in, who lives there and some lifestyle questions to come to an approximate usage but it won’t be nearly as accurate as it would be if you know your usage or yearly cost.