Shropshire Council

Room hire terms and conditions

For your safety

  • no smoking is allowed in any part of the building
  • please don't block gangways or the exit doors
  • the event organiser is responsible for the prevention of any activity that may endanger public safety, for example preventing disorderly behaviour, overcrowding, and ensuring that health and safety requirements are observed
  • there are fire extinguishers throughout the building
  • if there's a fire, leave the building by the nearest exit door and telephone 999. Please go to the assembly point in the car park
  • please ask if you want to use your own electrical equipment as a PAT certificate is required

Loss and damage

Please let us know of any damage to the room or equipment. You may be asked to pay for any repair or replacement costs due to damage or loss caused while the room was hired to you.


Please don't make excessive noise as this may disturb others in the building or neighbours.

When you leave (no later than 11pm) please ensure you have all of your belongings.

For more information about room hire and building use please ask to see the Lantern user guide.

Opening hours for bookings

Monday to Friday: 8.30am - 6pm (core hours)
Monday to Friday: 6pm - 11pm (non-core hours) 
Saturday: 9am - 11pm (non-core hours)
Sunday by arrangement (non-core hours)

How to book

For all bookings a booking form must be completed. Upon receipt of a completed booking form the room will be reserved.


All fees must be paid prior to the event, either by cash or card, or charged (monthly in arrears) via invoice. Telephone payments can be made via the chip and pin machine.

Please note: we reserve the right to only invoice for £15 or above.

Please allow setting up/clearing up time in your booking request.

Booking type definitions

Community bookings - an event held by a Shropshire-based group that holds activities for the benefit of the local community. The event is open to the local community, and is either free or a nominal charge is made for the activities and the events it organises.

Charity bookings - groups registered as charities that don't charge, or that make a nominal charge for the activities/events/training it organises.

Commercial bookings - any organisation or person that operates as a business, and any other organisation that makes a charge based on market or commercial rates for the events/activities/training it organises.

Private party - a party organised by a member of the public to celebrate a special event such as a birthday or anniversary. Entry should be by invitation only.

Health and safety

The relevant procedure in the event of fire, and applicable instructions, will be provided to the facilitator at time of arrival. It will remain the responsibility of the facilitator to ensure all delegates sign in/out at reception. They're also responsible for ensuring that all attendees know the locations of the fire exits and fire assembly point.

If a community or charity group making a reservation require a qualified first aider on site during a function they should make their own arrangements for this.

First aid kits are located around the building. It's the facilitator’s responsibility for an event taking place on the first floor to complete a personal emergency evacuation plan (PEEP). This should be completed for any delegate requiring assisted emergency evacuation via the stairs. The completed form should be with the facilities officer one week prior to the event.

Electrical equipment

Any electrical equipment being brought into the building for use at a function or event must be PAT tested by a qualified electrician. The responsibility for this remains with the room hirer. All electrical equipment being brought into the building must be identified to reception at time of booking.

Risk assessments

It's the responsibility for the hirer to complete a risk assessment for any activities or events. We reserve the right to request a copy at time of booking.


It's a condition of booking that all groups have adequate public liability insurance. A minimum of £5 million is recommended. We reserve the right to request a copy of the insurance certificate at time of booking.


All children under the age of 16 attending an event or function must be adequately supervised at all times. A ratio of one adult to ten children is recommended.

Access / departure

Users must leave the building by 11pm.

All building users are requested to leave quietly and respect the rights of neighbours in the residential area.

Please ensure you have all your belongings with you when you leave.


All building users are requested to park their vehicles safely and courteously, and to not block access to any neighbouring properties.


All cancellations must be done within five working days of the event. For all cancellations after this time, or any no shows, the full booking price will be charged.

Shropshire Council bookings

Any booking for Shropshire Council between Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 6pm, will be free of charge.

Any booking outside this time will be charged at the charity/community rate.

All cancellations must be made within five working days of the event. For all cancellations after this time, or for any no shows, a £50 or full booking fee will be charged.

It's free to hire the projector and laptop but all flipchart paper and printing will incur a charge.