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Please use this online form if you wish to make a formal request for information under the Freedom of Information Act or Environmental Information Regulations. Please state clearly what information you are requesting and supply your name and postal or email address. You don't need to say why you want the information, although it might help us to find the information you require if you do.

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The above form is for making formal requests only. If you're making a general enquiry or asking for a service, please use our 'How to contact us' page instead.

A lot of information is supplied free of charge, but sometimes you may have to pay a fee. This could be to cover costs such as photocopying or postage. You'll be told in advance if a fee will apply. You can also request access to information by:

If you're looking specifically for information about yourself, our webpage tells you all you need to know. If the information you want is about the environment, please look at our Environmental Information Regulations page.