Shropshire Council

Mytton Oak Remembrance Park

We're working towards providing a new cemetery and remembrance park on the western edge of Shrewsbury, off the B4386 Mytton Oak Road, in order to serve that part of Shrewsbury and villages in the surrounding area.

It's proposed that in addition to traditional lawn plots the new cemetery and park will provide an opportunity for more natural types of burial, such as woodland and meadowland, as these types of burials are becoming increasingly popular. The park will include peaceful areas for quiet contemplation and reflection.

The new site was chosen as the most suitable because of its size as it's in a quiet area, has good access from main roads, is close to the crematorium and to the chapel at the Longden Road cemetery, and meets a number of environmental conditions.

Why is it called Mytton Oak Remembrance Park?

The name was chosen following a public consultation in which people were invited to put forward their suggestions. The choice of name recognises the location of the new park just off Mytton Oak Road, which took its name, in 1934, from the fact that land in the area once belonged to the Mytton family.

To recognise the origins of the park’s chosen name, we plan to plant at the site an oak tree which descends from the Shelton Oak – a tree which for more than 600 years stood close to the park site on the land once owned by the Mytton family – and from which the name Mytton Oak is thought to originate. Though the Shelton Oak died in the 1940s, documents show that in the 1880s an oak tree, grown from one of its acorns, was planted in the Dingle in The Quarry.

Now, we plan to take an acorn from the tree in the Dingle and use it to grow an oak tree at the new park, providing a link back to the original tree.

Can I look at the planning permission?

Yes, you can view the permission using our planning register.

When is the park due to open?

There's no fixed opening date yet. In the meantime burials will continue to take place at Emstrey and Longden Road cemeteries. Announcements on progress towards opening will be made in due course - please continue to watch this space.