Shropshire Council

Memorial consultation

The consultation on the latest design for the memorial and a proposal to site the memorial within the cloister garden, Longden Road Cemetery, Shrewsbury has now closed.

Update following the consultation

Dear Parent,

The latest consultation stage on the proposed memorial and proposed new location has now ended. Thank you for responding and also for taking the time to let us know your views. The majority of the responses received (75%) were in favour of the new design as shown above, and also in favour of the proposed new location within the cloister garden of Longden Road Cemetery. 

Following this consultation outcome we'll now proceed with the memorial project by commissioning this design and using this location. A meeting is arranged with the chosen sculptor Lottie O’Leary to progress through placing a confirmed order to enable Lottie to order the stone required and to then start the process of carving it to the approved design. This will take Lottie some time and we'll update you at the various stages in this process on this web page.

Some parents were not in favour of the new design or location. In acknowledging these views, we've discussed with Shrewsbury Town Council, who manage the Dingle, the prospect of also having some form of memorial installed within the Dingle. Shrewsbury Town Council has kindly agreed this proposition and this conversation will continue over the coming weeks. It has been suggested that a glasswork memorial be installed. Information regarding this additional memorial will be communicated as and when the further details are known.

The combination of the main memorial and name plaques being located at Longden Road Cemetery, and then a further memorial installation within the Dingle, is a positive position that we're pleased to be able to offer and take forward. Combined together, these memorials will provide parents with a choice of where they can visit and what memorial they will see.

In response to the questions about what to name the memorial and suggestions for words for the inscription, we've received some nice suggestions during the different stages of the consultations. We'll discuss with Action for Ashes the various suggestions made and consider how to go about choosing which one(s) to use. 

We acknowledge and apologise that this process has taken longer than hoped for. Thank you for your patience during this process. The range of different views that parents understandably have has meant that not everyone agrees on a single design or location. We've tried very hard to please everyone and hopefully this approach of using two locations and different memorials will provide something acceptable and fitting for all parents.  

The next steps will be to place an official order with Lottie O’Leary. Having discussed the project with Lottie we're advised it will take some time to have the stone quarried, cut square and delivered to her studio, carved to the design and then installed when the weather improves. Lottie is working to a plan to have the memorial installed in spring 2020.   

We'll continue the discussion with Shrewsbury Town Council regarding an additional glasswork memorial to a different design within the Dingle, Shrewsbury.