Shropshire Council

Memorial consultation

Dear Parent,

Update on the memorial following media coverage – August 2019

Thank you for visiting this page for an update on the memorial.

You may know that the latest proposed design for the memorial has been released by Action for Ashes on its Facebook page and this has led to a range of comments being made by some parents and others about the design.  There has also been media coverage of the memorial design and the time this process is taking because of the steps necessary in order to have the memorial installed.

Understandably and rightly, the memorial is a sensitive and emotive subject and Shropshire Council is taking great care to try to ensure the memorial is right for all parents.  This is taking time because of the range of views parents have, the time it takes to obtain these views and then the time needed by the chosen artist to create the next design.   

Shropshire Council has no predetermined view of how the memorial should look and this was expressed to parents when the first consultation began in 2018.  The only parameter Shropshire Council has, is to ensure that no one would find the memorial design offensive in any way.  This is a highly unlikely scenario given the range of parent’s views that are informing how the design will look and parents are being consulted with at each step along the way.

The Dingle, within the Quarry Shrewsbury, where parents want the memorial to be installed does not belong to Shropshire Council.  It therefore is necessary to obtain from the landowner its agreement of the memorial design.  Whilst the previous design created by the artist Lottie O’Leary was approved by the landowner that design proved unpopular with parents. 

A meeting has been arranged to take place later in August between the landowner, Shropshire Council, Lottie O’Leary and Mr Glen Perkins, Chair of the Action for Ashes group to represent the group’s views, in order to work together to agree ways forward.

A further update will be provided here following that meeting along with information about what the next steps will be.