Shropshire Council

A-Z of council services

The following list provides an overview of 100 services the council provides. There are more than 150 functions which are delivered across these services.


Access to information

This service provides data and information, including facts and figures about Shropshire, information about Shropshire Council, personal data and freedom of information (FOI) requests.

Acton Scott Historic Working Farm

Specialising in practical demonstrations of historic farming using traditional skills and period horse-drawn machines, Acton Scott also includes a programme for schools, rural craft and trade courses and birthday parties, as well as a shop and café.


Adoption in Shropshire is a joint service with Telford & Wrekin Council. Our priority is to find safe, stable and loving adoptive families who can meet the needs of the children in our care.

Adult social care

Adult Social Care services help some of the county’s most vulnerable people to get help sooner and support them to be more independent within their own community.

Adult protection

The Adult Protection service responds to allegations of abuse and neglect, protects vulnerable individuals, and ensures those accused of abusing or neglecting are dealt with appropriately.

Affordable housing

Information and advice around buying or building your own affordable housing in Shropshire.

Anti-social behaviour

This service is delivered through Shropshire’s Safer Stronger Communities Partnership, which is committed to ensuring that all residents have the right to live peacefully within their home and communities. The partnership has a single reporting number for people to report incidents of anti-social behaviour, and a co-located team which aims to address all types of anti-social behaviour.


See County Training.


This service provides the archives and local studies service for the historic county of Shropshire, which includes the borough of Telford and Wrekin. It preserves and makes accessible documents, books, maps, photographs, plans and drawings relating to Shropshire past and present.

Armed Forces Community Covenant

Shropshire’s Armed Forces Community Covenant works to encourage support for the armed forces community working and residing in Shropshire, and to recognise and remember the sacrifices made by members of this community, particularly those who have given the most. This includes in-service and ex-service personnel, their families and widow(er)s in Shropshire.

Arts and festivals

The Arts and Festival Development Service plays a strategic and pivotal role in the provision of arts in the county. The service provides leadership on arts development issues and provides art-focused training. The service also advocates and improves access to the arts in Shropshire, as well as developing and supporting new and existing local arts partnerships and provision.

Assets and estates

This service oversees and manages the council's assets and estates portfolio, including council property for sale and to rent, gypsy sites, markets and smallholdings. The service also provides a specialist rating surveyor who actively negotiates with the district valuers to keep council rates bills to a minimum.



This service provides information, advice and support for those claiming housing benefit, local housing allowance, council tax support, universal credit and other support funds.

Bereavement services

Information on funerals, death certificates, inquests and the coroner's service.

Births and marriages

The council's Registration and Celebratory Services offers birth registrations, certificates, marriages, civil partnerships and civil naming.​​ The service can provide copies of birth or marriage certificates for anyone who was born or married in Shropshire.

Building control

This service supports householders or businesses who want to build and or improve their property to help reach all minimum standards. The service includes building inspections, energy efficiency advice and overseeing building control applications. The service also enforces building regulations which cover issues of health and safety and access in and around buildings, but also increasingly covers issues of sustainability, including heat-loss and water consumption

Budgets and spending

The council's budget and spending is overseen by Financial Services. This area also includes Payroll Services, which is responsible for the payments to council employees and external clients.

Business rates

This service oversees the collection of business rates which in turn contributes towards the cost of local services. The service also provides information advice and support on business rates relief.

Business support

This service supports businesses, whether already based here or considering relocating to Shropshire, to start up and grow. The service offers practical support and solutions for Shropshire businesses, including access to funding, training and links to business networks.


Childcare practioners

See Education and Improvement Service.

Child protection

This children’s social care service is part of the Shropshire Safeguarding Children Board. The board includes police, education, health, probation, the voluntary sector and other organisations who work with children. The partnership responds to allegations of abuse and neglect, protects vulnerable children, and ensures those accused of abusing or neglecting are dealt with appropriately. These professionals share information to ensure early identification of potential significant harm, and trigger interventions to prevent further harm.

Cemeteries and crematoriums

Crematoriums are managed on behalf of the council by The Co-Operative.

Comments, compliments and complaints

This area collates and addresses feedback from members of the public about their experience of council services. This helps improve the way we do things and to learn from things that have gone well and not so well.

Commissioning in Shropshire

This service gathers information from talking to people about what's important to the community before exploring different ways of designing and delivering services based on these discussions and findings.This can range from looking at how we keep the streets clean and tidy, to how we help people who are unemployed to find work, and how we support people to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible

Committees and meetings

The full council comprises of 74 members who meet together on dates agreed at the annual council meeting, with most meetings usually open to the public. Here, councillors decide overall policies and set the budget framework each year. Meetings are chaired by the speaker, who is also the vice-chairman of the council. Both the chairman and vice-chairman can come from any party, though in practice they usually belong to the same party as members of the cabinet. Meetings include council, cabinet, scrutiny, portfolio decision making, local joint committees, regulatory licensing and planning meetings and any other panel and committee meetings.

Community enablement

The Community Enablement service works with and for people in local communities, supporting people in communities to take control of their lives, and to live in a place where they feel happy and safe, and where they can feel a sense of pride and ownership. The approach recognises that there are a considerable number of ‘assets’ within a community: public and community buildings, land, public, voluntary and community organisations, finance, and people with skills and expertise. Working collaboratively and in partnership to maximise the use of these assets will lead to better outcomes for individuals and communities.

Community safety advice

This service offers information and advice on both personal and home safety.

Concessionary travel

This service is responsible for administrating the concessionary travel scheme, which offers free or discounted travel on local public transport services for older people, or those with a disability.

Consumer advice

Consumer advice and information in Shropshire is provided by The Citizens Advice consumer service, working in partnership with our Trading Standards Services, offering clear, practical, first-level advice and information on a wide range of consumer issues.


The coroner investigates all unexpected, accidental and/or suspicious deaths, assisted in this by officers from Warwickshire and West Merica Police as well as local pathologists. Part of their work includes conducting inquests into these deaths which are attended by interested parties and sometimes expert witnesses. Inquests are commonly held at venues which are conveniently close to the local communities or, in some circumstances, at the Coroners Court, Shirehall.

Council and democracy

Council and Democracy Services oversees and administers Shropshire Council’s constitution. This is the council’s code of corporate governance, which sets out how the council operates, how decisions are made and the procedures which are followed to ensure that these are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people. This area includes councillors, committees and meetings, voting and elections and information on the council’s budget and spending.


See also Council and Democracy.

Local councillors are elected by the community to decide how the council should carry out its various activities. They represent public interest as well as individuals living within the ward in which they've been elected to serve a term of office.

Council tax

The collection of council tax is one of the many services provided by the council's Revenue and Benefits team. The money collected through council tax helps pay for a proportion of Shropshire Council’s services for approximately 310,000 people in the Shropshire county area.

Countryside access and public rights of way

This service manages approximately 5500km of public footpaths, bridleways, byways open to all traffic and restricted byways. These form a network of routes which run between villages, lead to and from towns, and provide access to the countryside.

County Training

This service provides work-based training such as apprenticeship schemes, as well as advice and support for businesses to ensure their staff have the skills they need to perform to the best of their ability.

Crime and criminal justice

This area is delivered through Shropshire’s Safer Stronger Communities Partnership which is committed to ensuring that all residents have the right to live peacefully within their home and communities.

Customer service

This service provides advice and information on all council services. The service includes customer service advisors who are on hand to help you to access a wide range of council services, and those of other public services and charitable organisations, either face to face at one of our customer service points, via public-access computers or a free telephone link.



Legal and Democratic Services assist in the administration of the democratic process and the decision making machinery of the council, ensuring the law is correctly applied.

Disability Information

These social care services work with organisations to provide help and advice to people with physical, sensory or learning impairment or long-term illnesses, to help them stay independent and access all available support. 

Doing business with Shropshire Council

The procurement service oversees and administers the council’s buying in of goods, services and works from many different external sources (suppliers), in a way that secures the best possible value for money for the taxpayers of Shropshire.

Domestic violence

This service is part of Shropshire’s Safer Communities Partnership and Countywide Domestic Abuse Forum, multi-agency partnerships that work together to support those affected by domestic violence. The partnership responds to allegations of abuse, protects victims, and ensures those accused of domestic violence are dealt with appropriately. The partnership also works with perpetrators to address the root causes of domestic abuse and violence.

Drugs and alcohol

The Shropshire Drug and Alcohol Action team (DAAT) is one of the many services provided by Public Health. DAAT is responsible for commissioning and coordinating substance misuse services across Shropshire. Working as part of the Shropshire Safer Communities Partnership, the service aims to reduce the harm caused by substance misuse to individuals, their families and local communities.


Early Help

This service provides support to a child, young person or their family early in the life of a problem, as soon as it emerges. It can be required at any stage in a child’s life from pre-birth to adulthood, and applies to any problem or need that the family cannot deal with or meet on their own. The service also provides information, advice, support and training.

Early years and childcare

This area provides a range of services giving advice, information and support to parents, carers and providers. Services include the Family Information Service and childcare information and advice on nurseries, childminders, afterschool and holiday clubs for children from 0 to 4 to 5 to 16.

Economic development - See Business Support

The service oversees the opportunities to help support and enhance Shropshire’s economy.  The service promotes investment in Shropshire and provides advice, support and information for existing and potential businesses in the county.

Education improvement services

Education support Services (Education Improvement Service, the Education Access Service and the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Service)

Each of these services works to fulfil our statutory duties to promote high standards and ensure the welfare of all pupils regardless of the type of school that they attend. The Education improvement service monitors, challenges, supports and where necessary intervenes to ensure schools provide a good or better education for pupils. The Education Access Service works to ensure pupils attend school,  to place children who are at risk of exclusion, and those who have been permanently excluded from school. The service also identifies all children not in receipt of education to place them in a provision and it keeps a register of children who are educated at home. In addition to this the service regulates the employment of children and, supports GRT children to access education. The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Service works to improve outcomes for children and  young people with special educational needs and disability (SEND)  from birth  to age 25. This includes  co-ordinating  joint assessments to identify need  and by working with education providers, social care and health services to commission  the appropriate provision to meet their needs. The SEN team also monitors education provision and challenges and supports settings to improve outcomes for children and young people with SEND. 

Education travel assistance - SEN pupils

This service provides travel assistance, information and advice on school transport, transport for children and young people with special educational needs (SEN) or who have an education, health and care plan

Emergencies and major incidents

These services are responsible for ensuring that integrated plans for coping with emergencies and major incidents are coordinated, developed and tested by the relevant agencies including police, ambulance and fire and rescue.


Enable helps support people with disabilities, mental health needs and offenders into paid employment. The service also offers a wide range of customised services through our Right Choice scheme to support people with a personal budget.

Environmental Health

These services provide information, advice and support on domestic pollution and noise guidance, pest control, health and safety for businesses and individuals, food safety advice and regulations, air quality, contaminated land, landfill sites, petroleum licensing and permitted processes.

Environmental Maintenance and Enforcement

Environmental Maintenance services deal with a wide range of environmental crimes, such as littering, dog fouling, fly-posting, graffiti and fly-tipping. This area also includes a dog warden service.

Equality, diversity and social inclusion

This service works with partner organisations and communities to provide support and promote equality, diversity and social inclusion within the county.


Facts and figures

The service draws together a variety of factual information about Shropshire from various organisations and sources. This information supports the work of the council as well as being available for use by anyone who may need it.

Flooding and draining advice

This service provides advice, information and support to individuals and business on flooding and drainage. The service works with partner agencies to reduce flood risk in the county. It also holds limited stocks of sandbags for pickup by the public at a number of locations around the county.


The fostering services priority is to find a safe, stable and loving foster families who can meet the needs of the children who cannot, for whatever reason, live with their own parents. It is often used to provide temporary care while parents get help sorting out problems or to help children or young people through a difficult period in their lives. Foster services provide advice, information, finance support, training and round the clock support for those who foster a child.

Free school meals

This service provides advice and information to help parents/carers decide if their child is eligible to apply for free school meals in Shropshire.


Guided tours of Shrewsbury

One of our leisure and cultural services, providing tours of the historical and cultural sites in Shrewsbury.

Highways and Traffic

Highway maintenance services work to maintain Shropshire's adopted highway network in a safe condition for members of the public, and to minimise inconvenience caused by damaged road surfaces. This also includes footpaths and highway verges. The service maintains and enhances the condition of roads, verges, pavements, road signs and road markings. Street furniture, street lights and bridges are also maintained by us. The service carries out regular inspections and reactive repairs to faults, reviewing and frequently monitors the condition of our network

Housing services - See also Private Sector Housing

This service works with housing associations and the private and voluntary sectors to ensure an acceptable standard of housing for all our communities. This includes offering advice for the homeless and those who fear the loss of their home, working with landlords to bring empty properties back into use and increase the standards of homes.  Sheltered homes are available for older people and adaptations provided for people who need adjustments to enable them to live on their own.

Integrated offender management

Bringing together agencies to work with ex-offenders in the community, this service aims to reduce crime and reoffending.


Land charges

This service undertakes local land charge searches from tree preservation orders, listed buildings and conservation areas to road schemes, drainage and environmental matters.


Leisure encompasses a range of services, including leisure centres, sports development (working to help people participate in sport), advice on funding opportunities for local clubs, the Out 2 Play Project (bringing before/after school play sessions for children, community fun days and training opportunities) and the Shropshire Triathlon.


This services is not only about books in libraries, but e-services (online books, magazines and newspapers) and mobile services for communities in rural areas.  Libraries also support communities, providing a range of services from reading groups to musical scores and DVDs. 


Licensing covers the issuing and handling of licence applications relating to alcohol and entertainment, taxis and private hire vehicles, animal welfare, gambling and other types of licences (for areas such as caravan sites, street collections and sex establishments).

Local Offer (see also Special education needs and disability)

The Local Offer brings together information about services relating to special educational needs, disabilities, education and more. This includes what local activities and groups are near you and how to access council- and NHS-funded services.

Looked after children

This children’s social care service safeguards and promote the welfare of children. 'Looked after’ children are those given accommodation away from their families at the request of their parent, and those in care as the result of a care order. The Looked After Children service is responsible for children who cannot – for whatever reason – live with their families. The service aims to support children living with relatives, family, friends and foster families, or sometimes – especially for older young people – in children’s homes and units. The service works with children and their families to make sure that every effort is made to keep families together by providing support to children at home.


Meole Brace Golf Course

A parkland golf course for members and non-members of any ability. Facilities also include pitch and putt for families, lessons, shop and bar/café.


Shropshire’s Museums give local residents and visitors the chance to explore the county’s diverse heritage. They contribute to the local economy, provide many educational and volunteering opportunities and hold in trust thousands of historic artefacts for future generations.

The museums have all been upgraded to provide the best experience they can offer to visitors. Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery showcases top quality exhibitions and gallery displays in the former Music Hall. Acton Scott shows off the very best of Victorian farming. Shrewsbury Castle is home to one of Britain’s best military museums. Ludlow Museum Resource Centre has nationally important geology collections. Much Wenlock Museum tells the incredible story of Dr William Penny Brookes and his role in the revival of the modern Olympic Games.

Outdoor Recreation

The outdoor recreation service is responsible for the following areas:

  • Countryside access and public rights of way
  • Outdoor Volunteering
  • Parks, Countryside sites, Urban greenspace and Play areas
  • Severn Valley Country Park
  • Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs)
  • The Mere at Ellesmere

See the individual listings on this page for more detail on each area.

Outdoor volunteering

Outdoor Recreation supports local communities and individuals to get fit and healthy and engaged in the Shropshire Countryside. The Team supports the following practical volunteering initiatives – Walking for Health Schemes, Parks and Sites volunteering, Parish Path Partnership groups working on their local Rights of Way, Shropshire Wild teams, Youth Rangers, John Muir Award.  In addition the service supports many ‘Friends of’ groups and user forums across Shropshire

Parks and countryside sites, urban green space and play areas

Outdoor Recreation manages over 140 parks, play areas, recreation grounds and country parks across Shropshire, including Snailbeach and Lyth Hill countryside sites and Oswestry Old Racecourse Common. We work with local communities and consult widely in order to manage these sites for people, landscape and wildlife.


This services provides on-street pay and display schemes to help manage traffic demand, improve the turnover of parking spaces to encourage footfall to local businesses and reduce the volume of traffic looking for a free parking space. The service also oversees parking enforcement and seasonal tickets, waivers and permits.

Pest Control Service

Offering a variety of pest control treatments at competitive rates for your home or business. Services range from dealing with ants, bedbugs, rats and wasps to moles, pigeons, rabbits and squirrels.


Planning includes support for people applying for planning permission as well as administering those applications and the decision making process.

Planning Policy

This covers the range of strategies, policies, plans, frameworks and legislation that governs town planning, for example the Local Development Framework, the Core Strategy and SAMDev.

Private Sector Housing

This service offers advice, information and support and oversees  housing enforcement, dealing with complaints concerning housing conditions, houses in multiple occupation, empty homes, grant assistance to private sector owners and tenants and disabled facilities grants

Public and passenger transport

This service coordinates and delivers the Shropshire Local Transport Plan which covers all aspects of transport and highways, including walking, cycling, public transport (including park & ride), car-based travel (including community transport), freight, and the management and maintenance of highways. 

Public Health

Public Health services offer a vast range of advice, support and information to reduce health inequalities and improve the health and wellbeing of the both adults and children in Shropshire. Services include, stop smoking, healthy eating, physical activity, mental health and wellbeing, sexual health, immunisations, screening and flu and drugs and alcohol services.  Public health also oversee health checks for over 40s, school nursing services and also the national child measurement programme.


Recycling and rubbish - see also waste and recycling

This services manages the collection of waste and recyclable material (including bulky waste) from households and businesses.

Rights of way

Outdoor Recreation manages approximately 5500km of public footpaths, bridleways, byways open to all traffic and restricted byways. These form a network of routes which run between villages, lead to and from towns, and provide access to the countryside. We work to keep the network open and accessible for all to enjoy. We also look after long distance promoted routes such as The Shropshire Way and Offas Dyke National Trail.  The service is also responsible for The Definitive Map of Public Rights of Way in Shropshire,  The Countryside Access Strategy 2008-2018, and enforcement of the public’s right to enjoy the ROW network.

School places and admissions

This service helps parent/carers with everything they need to know, from a child starting primary school, information and advice on moving school and how to apply to sixth forms through to how to appeal if your child doesn’t get the school of choice.

School attendance

The Education Access Service helps parents and the council meet their responsibilities for ensuring all children aged between 5 and 16 get a suitable, full-time education. The service provides education welfare officers who work with schools, parent/carers and other agencies to monitor and improve attendance.

School governors

Governor Support and Development Services provides information, advice and development opportunities to school governing bodies, supporting governors to improve practice and be more aware of their role.

School transport

By law, the council must provide free transport to eligible pupils up to the age of 16 and to those attending special schools. The service also provides assistance to pupils with a statement of educational needs and to eligible students over the age of 16.

Severn Valley Country Park

Outdoor Recreation manages Severn Valley Country Park Near Alveley. Nature and craft events are regularly scheduled throughout the year and birthday parties can be organised with an experienced ranger,

Shire Services

Shire Services provides catering to over 100 schools across Shropshire, and cleaning services across the West Midlands to locations including schools, libraries, sports centres and youth centres.

Shropshire Music Service

Shropshire Music Service provides instrumental, vocal and curriculum support for schools throughout Shropshire.

Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

The main purpose of AONB designation is to conserve and enhance natural beauty, while also taking account of economic and social needs, promoting sustainable development and meeting the demand for recreation. The Shropshire Hills AONB Partnership co-ordinates this work, and is hosted by Outdoor Recreation and funded in addition by Defra, Telford & Wrekin Council and project funders.

Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs)

Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) are the country's very best wildlife and geological sites. Outdoor Recreation manages the following SSSI’s in Shropshire – Colemere, Snailbeach, Brown Moss and Corbet Wood.  We work towards ensuring that these important sites comply with statutory requirement’s to manage them to a favourable condition.  Several of the sites we manage also have Scheduled Ancient monument status

Social care for children and families

Social care for children and families provides information relating to child protection, care services such as foster care, leaving care, young carers and adoption services. It also provides information on services for disabled children and family support.

Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND)

This service provides advice and support on SEND legislation, for young people moving on from secondary education, and for parents and carers on special educational provision and education, health and care (EHC) plans.  They deal with and administer requests from EHC assessments and other specialist provision queries.

Street lighting

Overseeing and maintaining approximately 18,500 street lights in Shropshire owned by Shropshire Council. Responding to reports of faulty street lights.

Street Works

This service deals with all issues relating to our streets, including disruptions to road access arising from roadworks, street parties and formal processions.  The service administers applications for these latter events, as well as road crossings and drop kerbs requests, scaffolding, excavation, banners and bunting, temporary parking restrictions and traffic signals on a public highway.

Strengthening families

The Strengthening Families’ service identifies some of the most vulnerable families and communities across Shropshire who might need extra help from us and our partners. The team coordinates support with partners to help make positive changes to these lives and monitor that work.

Sure Start Childrens Centres

There are 31 Sure Start Childrens Centres across Shropshire helping to support families by bringing together services such as parenting and family information and advice, local activities such as ‘stay and play’ sessions and jobs and training support


The Sustainability Service is responsible for helping Shropshire Council, its schools and communities to minimise the impact of day to day activities on the environment. This includes what we're doing to manage our carbon emissions and providing information on reducing energy consumption (also available to the public) and renewable energy schemes.


The Gateway Education and Arts Centre

The Gateway Education and Arts Centre is a purpose-built and well-equipped centre used for courses, training, presentations, meetings and conferences. The centre provides a coffee shop, and is also available to hire for wedding receptions. It attracts approximately 200,000 visitors a year to its visual arts and crafts exhibitions.

The Lantern

The Lantern is a community centre offering rooms for hire, community café, library, homework club as well as support services for disabled and non-disabled people.

The Mere at Ellesmere

Outdoor Recreation manages The Mere at Ellesmere, the largest of nine meres near Ellesmere in Shropshire.  The Mere comprises of lake, gardens, woodland and parkland.  Facilities include the Boathouse Visitor Centre and café, restaurant, children’s play area and a range of visitor activities.

Theatre Severn and Old Market Hall Cinema

Operating seven days a week, providing a range of entertainment including musicals, dramas, comedy, operas, talks and exhibitions. Over 450 theatre events per year, of which 20% are produced and performed by local community/theatre groups of all ages. Live & encore screenings from the National Theatre, Royal Opera House and a full time film programme. Facilities also include a dance studio, venue hire, restaurant and bar.


Tourism earns the county over £500m a year and supports many thousands of jobs. The Council provides a warm welcome to visitors at its network of Visitor Information Centres and Points in principal towns and at other locations often working in partnership with other organisations. The Council’s Visitor Economy Team provides strategic support to the sector on issues such as funding and maintains a close relationship with bodies such as VisitBritain, VisitEngland, The Marches LEP and others. The Council provides many services that ensure that visitors have a memorable time in Shropshire such as car parks, museums, leisure centres, parks and open spaces, rights of way, directional signing, good quality highways and support for public transport.

Trading Standards

The Trading Standards Service aims to protect the community from illegal and unfair trading practices, to protect the local economy by ensuring Shropshire traders do not suffer unfair competition, by forging close links with the business community and ensuring the highest level of animal welfare.

Traffic signals

This team oversees and maintains 350 permanent traffic signals (such as pelican and zebra crossings and school, cattle and vehicle actuated signs) across Shropshire.


Visitor Information Centres in Shropshire

Shropshire Council manages 12 visitor information centres across Shropshire. They provide information on a range of topics including attractions, events, accommodation, transport, churches, shops, restaurants and estate agencies as well as booking facilities for local theatres.

Voting and elections

This service administers the electoral registration process including the annual electoral canvass. Local elections are co-ordinated and overseen by this service to ensure compliance with Electoral Commission requirements.

Waste and Recycling

The waste and recycling service for Shropshire is operated by Veolia on behalf of the council. The service includes, bin collections, bulky waste collection, recycling centres and permits, advice and information on getting rid of hazardous waste as well as other waste and recycling related services.

Youth Support

This service provides information, advice and guidance for young people and their families in Shropshire on higher education, training and employment options.