Shropshire Council

What we've done so far (2015-16)

We were supported by an independent expert organisation, Pye Tait Ltd, in running the following activities:

  • A Big Conversation survey – conducted online with individuals, businesses and other groups, in addition to an on-street survey with local people aged 16 and over. The survey closed on the 6 January 2016
  • Discussions at local meetings (such as local joint committees, area forums, parish meetings, business meetings and local voluntary sector meetings)
  • Focus groups
  • Action planning workshops with ward councillors, town and parish councils and the local voluntary sector
  • Reports and detailed analysis of the feedback
  • Presentation of the results

Further to the initial phase and to help us prepare for future work on the Big Conversation during March to October 2016 we:

  • Conducted additional detailed analysis to better understand the feedback gathered to date
  • Developed a strategic action plan to implement the recommendations from that feedback
  • Produced a free engagement toolkit with tips and resources for anyone planning and delivering engagement activity
  • Created a free communications toolkit to support us in promoting the challenges being addressed in the Big Conversation

Take a look at the key findings from the 2015/16 survey.