Shropshire Council

Registration of religious buildings for marriages

How to register a building

This process allows you to register a religious building for the purpose of performing marriage ceremonies. It costs £120 and this payment must be attached to the completion of the prescribed form, Form 78. The form must be completed in duplicate - photocopies aren't acceptable. Unfortunately we can't offer an online application form as we require your signature. Your completed form and cheque made payable to 'Shropshire Council' must be returned to the below address. The fee is to cover the costs of the advertising in the London Gazette and in a local newspaper.

After receiving your application and payment we'll acknowledge the payment made for this registration process. The superintendent registrar will contact you following the advertisement and consultation process with further information. For further useful information on the process, please see the attached guidance note.

Data protection statement

We'll use the data you provide for the sole purpose of this application. Your personal details will be retained for a maximum of three years and won't be passed to other parties or used for any other purposes.