Shropshire Council

Our values

We’ve built a team and a way of thinking which means that we can approach our customers’ challenges on an individual basis; no two organisations are the same, so we will never offer a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Our approach incorporates strategic change management, service design, design thinking and agile which means that we can offer the right solution to the right challenge whether these be organisational challenges, financial challenges or social challenges.

We passionately believe in the core values which guide us in every piece of work we do. This means that our clients can always be assured that we will:

  • Start with people and end with people to design solutions that fit around their lives
  • Help our clients to truly understand their customers by gaining rich insights
  • Bring objectivity and independence
  • Co-design and co-create to ensure ownership
  • Help our clients focus on the customer to redefine their organisations
  • Build teams and help them to learn through creative events, labs and workshops
  • Work with teams to help them navigate critical projects
  • Demonstrate honesty, empathy, trust, respect and dignity towards each other, our customers, and the people we work with
  • Be generous with our time and knowledge
  • Take a robust design based approach
  • Minimise the risk of failure through prototyping
  • Focus on delivery, action and implementation

If you don’t have real people, real experiences and real stories, you’re just making stuff up – there’s no basis to your decision making process and you’re just creating different problems. Good quality insight takes you from a position of thinking to a position of knowing.