Shropshire Council

ASYE social workers


An ASYE (assessed and supported year in employment) social worker is someone in their first year of practice having already gained a social work degree. Registration for the ASYE is carried out by Debbie Watson, and all newly qualified social workers should contact her in the first instance.

Period in role

An ASYE social worker is likely to have this status for 12 months while they demonstrate competence in the 'outcome statements'. This is demonstrated by creating and developing a portfolio of their work. The period in this role is time limited and will be robustly managed by the Learning and Development lead, Donna Chapman.

Transition to next level

ASYE social workers must demonstrate competence in their outcome statements, having them signed off by the Learning and Development lead. The assessor, in making their recommendation for a pass or fail, should make reference to the ASYE-level descriptor of the PCF (Appendix 15: ASYE-level descriptor), evidencing judgements with reference to the NQSWs record of achievement throughout the year. Confirmation of the recommendation will be the responsibility of a panel made up of:

  • Group manager
  • Service manager
  • Representative from business partners
  • Representative from professional development unit/staff development officer
  • Team manager
  • Representative from regional partnerships

If all are in agreement, the candidate will pass their assessed and supported year in employment, and receive a certificate and salary increment.


Please choose from the following links if you wish to print any of the documents to include in your portfolio: