Shropshire Council

Climate Change and Sustainability Policy

“Our vision for Shropshire is to stabilise and progressively reduce our environmental footprint”

Climate change and sustainability is of high corporate and social value, and we recognise the impact that our day to day activities have on the environment, as well as the importance of managing the resources. Through our Climate Change Policy we'll reduce our resource consumption as an authority, and promote sustainable practices throughout our organisation, with partners and with the county as a whole. The localism agenda will be used to empower communities to be sustainable and climate resilient.

Our responsibility

Corporate responsibility for this policy rests with the full council and all employees. We expect decision makers to consider sustainability, environment and climate change in strategic and day-to-day processes. The responsibility for policy implementation rests with the portfolio holder for climate change and related directorates.

Our commitment

We're committed to enhancing the sustainability in our practices to safeguard the county’s natural and built environments, securing the local economy, and safeguarding people with a secure energy infrastructure and affordable low carbon housing. We'll commit to protecting the environment through demonstrable and continuous improvement of our environmental performance, and full compliance with all relevant legal requirements. We'll promote climate governance throughout the organisation and services, whilst encouraging and monitoring responsible environmental performance by our staff, suppliers and contractors.

Our Climate Change Strategy outlines how we're addressing the issues outlined in the policy.

For additional information, take a look at our Sustainable Construction Policy.