Shropshire Council

The Sustainability Forum - making it happen

The sustainability forum is hosted by Shropshire Council to discuss projects to reduce the council's carbon footprint and save money by reducing energy and fuel costs. The scope includes facilitating the council's wider influence on private sector, domestic and industry.

Project themes under consideration should include:

  1. Effective demonstrators and measurable outputs.
  2. Tangible influence on the countywide carbon footprint.
  3. Quantifiable revenue savings as well as carbon savings.
  4. A wider sustainability remit and influence.

This forum is open to external delegates as well as internal staff.

To be successful, the sustainability agenda should follow a multi-discipline, joined-up approach linking (where each sector is equally important):

  • Public buildings (energy consumption)
  • Sustainable travel and transport options
  • Localised low carbon energy generation
  • Procurement and supply chain, in terms of carbon footprint impact
  • Food, recycling and waste management

Our overall sustainability strategy should take account of economic, social and environmental policies, promoting a culture of change whilst deploying pragmatic engineering, and “green or blue” infrastructure low-carbon solutions.

The forum meets quarterly. Forthcoming meetings:

2pm - 4:30pm, Council Chamber, Shirehall, Shrewsbury, Monday, 10 February 2020

This meeting will take the form of a climate change workshop. We'll explain where we are in terms of the Climate Change Strategy and introduce these four themes:

  1. Carbon reduction in energy efficiency
  2. Carbon mitigation in renewable energy
  3. Carbon capture and storage
  4. Adaptation and resilience

This is to help us to identify 'priority projects’ which we could explore to improve our performance and delivery of the Climate Change Strategy.

It would be a practical use of local community interest groups' and specialist stakeholders' knowledge and enthusiasm.

**Please note that this event has now sold out**

Please contact us if you’d like to be involved to help “make it happen”: