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Shrewsbury Wide Local Joint Committee
Thursday, 28th April, 2011

Meeting agenda for Shrewsbury Wide Local Joint Committee

Thursday 28th April 2011 at 08:00 PM in the Council Chamber, The Guildhall, Frankwell Quay, Shrewsbury SY3 8HQ

Committee Members:

  • Mr Alan Mosley
  • Mr Alan Townsend (Shrewsbury Town Councillor)
  • Mr Andrew Bannerman
  • Mr Andrew Wagner (Shrewsbury Town Councillor)
  • Mrs Anne Chebsey
  • Mrs Beverley Baker
  • Mr David Farmer (Shrewsbury Town Councillor)
  • Mr Dean Carroll (Shrewsbury Town Councillor)
  • Mr Ioan Jones (Shrewsbury Town Councillor)
  • Mrs Jackie Brennand (Shrewsbury Town Councillor)
  • Mrs Jo Jones
  • Mrs Karen Burgoyne
  • Mrs Kath Owen (Shrewsbury Town Councillor)
  • Mr Keith Roberts
  • Mrs Liz Parsons
  • Mr Malcolm Price
  • Mr Mansel Williams
  • Mr Mike Owen
  • Mr Miles Kenny
  • Mr Peter Adams
  • Mr Peter Nutting
  • Mr Ted Clarke
  • Mr Tony Durnell
  • Mr Vernon Bushell

Items under discussion:

1. Election of Chairman

2. Apologies for Absence

3. Appointment of Vice-Chairman

4. Declarations of Interest
The guidance note on declaring personal and prejudicial interests will be available at the meeting.

5. Chairman's Welcome
Introductory statement from the Chairman. Welcome to everyone and a brief explanation and background about the purpose and powers of the meeting and what we would like to achieve.

6. Terms of Reference
To agree the terms of reference for this Committee.
Report of Community Action Manager is attached marked 6. (6 Terms of Reference - Report.pdf, 6 Terms of Reference - Appendix A.pdf)
Contact Gill Jones (01743 252344)

7. Public Question Time
To receive public questions and comments from the floor and suggestions from the public for future agenda items.

8. Safety in Shrewsbury - Fire and Crime
Shaun Baker, the Station Master at Shrewsbury Fire Station will address the meeting.

9. Volunteer Offer to Shrewsbury LJC's
To consider an offer received from Peter Bettis, the Project Manager for Caterpillar Remanufacturing and Components Division, Shrewsbury to provide the services of up to approximately 40 volunteer employees from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. on a Friday during the Summer to assist with community projects in Shrewsbury. The company has asked that the projects be identified through the Local Joint Committees as they wish their efforts to make a difference to projects identified as clear priorities in an area. It is envisaged that the volunteers could assist with anything from litter picks to community hall painting and one option may be to have a Shrewsbury-wide day of action with say 6 volunteers working in each LJC area.

10. Future Delivery of Sports, Leisure, Arts and Culture Services
To discuss the future delivery of Sports, Leisure, Arts and Culture Services.The report on the matter submitted to the meeting of Shropshire Council's Safe and Confident Communities Scrutiny Committee on 23rd March 2011 is attached for information.
(10 Future Delivery of Culture and Leisure Services - Report.pdf, 10 Future Delivery of Culture and Leisure Services - Appendix 1.pdf)

11. Funding Guidelines for 2011/12
To consider the adoption of guidelines for the assessment of funding applications in 2011/12.Draft Funding Guidelines area attached, marked 11.
(11 Funding Guidelines.pdf)
Contact Gill Jones (01743 252344)

12. Funding Applications
To consider, for formal approval, applications for funding.
Report of Community Action Manager is attached marked 12. (12 Funding Applications.pdf)
Contact Gill Jones (01743 252344)

13. Main Topic for the Next Meeting
To consider the main topic for discussion at the next meeting.

14. Feedback on the Meeting
Feedback forms for completion on the night will be circulated at the meeting.

15. Date of the Next Meeting
It is suggested that the next meeting be held on Thursday, 10th November 2011 at 7.00 p.m. at The Guildhall, Frankwell Quay, Shrewsbury.

Committee Officer is Ken James
Tel: 01743 252899    Fax:

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