Shropshire Council

Covid 19 outbreak - Craven Arms

Updated: Friday July 31st

How many cases have been confirmed?

  • We are responding to an outbreak of Covid 19 at the Long Lane caravan site in Craven Arms
  • Testing for residents was arranged immediately following 2 positive cases identified at the site

What measures have been put in place to mitigate the spread of coronavirus at the site?

A range of health protection measures in place from the start of the outbreak including:

  • Residents on the site were initially asked to self-isolate for 14 day as the site was being treated as a bubble, due to residents on the site being treated as close contacts so that contact tracing could be fully undertaken.
  • Those residents who had tested positive for coronavirus were asked to self-isolate for a minimum 7 days from the time they started showing symptoms, or from when they took their test.
  • In line with government guidance, anyone who now tests positive or displays symptoms will now have to isolate for a minimum of 10 days. If those who have been in self-isolation for the minimum 10 days are now well enough, they can finish self-isolation and leave their home.
  • Testing continues and we may see the number of cases continue to rise in the coming days before social distancing and infection control measures start to take effect.
  • Residents at the site are being given essential supplies.
  • NHS Test and Tracing is in place.
  • Public Health England (PHE) is reassured at this stage that there is low risk of transmission outside of the Craven Arms site. At this phase of the outbreak there is transmission in households within the site.
  • A dedicating testing site for local residents.
  • Playground at Newington way and outdoor gym has been closed.

I live in Craven Arms, should I be worried?

The risk at this stage very low, but residents still need to follow coronavirus guidance and prevention methods set out by the UK Government.

As a special additional measure, if you are a resident of Craven Arms and regardless of whether you have symptoms, you can still apply for a test via NHS Test and Trace online or by calling 119. Please note all tests must be booked in advance.

I live in the area and I am displaying symptoms, what should I do?

Anyone who has a fever, persistent dry cough, or loss or change in their sense of taste or smell should self-isolate for 14 days and arrange a test. Testing services are available across Shropshire but will available locally in Craven Arms. Anyone who has symptoms should book online or through 119. If you can’t travel to a testing centre, you can get a home test here.
The test site at Craven Arms Business Park is open every day from 10.30am to 3.30pm. Testing is by appointment only, and Craven Arms residents are being asked to book an appointment via NHS Test and Trace online or by ringing 119.
Drop in sessions have also taken place in Craven Arms.

Are Long Lane residents being allowed to leave the site?

All residents were initially asked to self-isolate for 14 days as the site was being treated as a bubble, due to residents on the site being treated as close contacts to allow for contact tracing to be undertaken. As with any outbreak, this is undertaken to help stop any immediate spread of the virus into the wider community. We have been working closely with the residents and monitoring the situation on the site on daily basis to help reduce the risk of transmission.

Those residents who had tested positive or were displaying symptoms for were then asked to self-isolate in line with government guidance from the time they started showing symptoms or from when they took their test. If those who have been in self-isolation for the minimum period are now well enough, they can finish self-isolation and leave their home.
All residents on the site have been reminded about the importance of following government guidance to protect themselves and others. They will have a letter advising them that it is safe to leave the site.

Most residents at the site have been co-operating, and we would like to thank them for their patience during the past week. We are aware that there have been incidents where individuals who should have been self-isolating have ignored guidance and have left the site. Each case is being treated on an individual basis and we are working with West Mercia Police to ensure that everyone is taking the appropriate public health advice.

Why should I get tested?

Getting tested will help us identify cases and act swiftly to manage any further outbreaks. This is the best way to protect yourself, your loved ones and your community.

Will local lockdown measures be put in place?

No. We have taken this action to keep everyone safe and prevent further transmissions in the wider community. Businesses in the area remain open and people are being encouraged to follow the measures put in place to keep everyone safe.

What you can do?

  • Help us spread the word with your family, in your community or in your business, including to socially distance, wash hands and wear facemasks in shops.
  • Make sure you and the people you know, know the guidance and stick to it.
  • Now is not the time to let our guard down.
  • Think about how scared those who have it must be, and remain calm, and kind

What do people need to do? Stick to the rules:

  • Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds with soap.
  • Keep your distance – 2m where you can.
  • Work from home where you can and stay at home as much as possible.
  • Limit contact with people from outside your household.
  • If you have symptoms – self isolate (try and limit contact even at home) and book a test.
  • Do not leave home if you or anyone in your household has symptoms.
  • If contacted by the Test & Trace service, self-isolate for 14 days if asked to do so – even if you have no symptoms stay at home as much as possible.
  • Wear face coverings on public transport and when going to the shops and supermarkets and in other close settings where possible.
  • Only socialise indoors with members of up to two households (anyone in your support bubble counts as one household) - this includes when dining out or going to the pub.
  • Only socialise outdoors in a group of up to six people from different households, or in larger groups if everyone is exclusively from one or two households.

What about face coverings?

  • Wearing face coverings is now compulsory in supermarkets, shops, indoor shopping centres, banks, building societies, post offices and all forms of public transport
  • You don’t need to buy a special mask. Full details of how to make one, how to store them and when to wear them can be found on
  • You can find out more information at Information is also available in other languages.

For local advice and support during the pandemic (especially if you are self-isolating), call Shropshire Council’s Covid 19 helpline on 0345 678 9028.