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Food provision

About this map

We've designed this map to help anyone looking for food provision services in their local area. The businesses included in it include food producers, restaurants, takeaways, farm shops, caterers and food delivery services. The businesses included have highlighted that they're offering some assistance during the pandemic to help provide food in their local areas, eg food delivery or food pick up.

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Map data

The map data shown above is displayed as point data. Please note that this will not reflect the geographical scope of each of the services shown. Due to the number of services included and the distinct nature of each geographical area covered, it has not been possible to display detailed information about scope of coverage for each service. Please use the contact details provided to find out more.

Help accessing food

An emergency Food Hub was set up by Shropshire Council in March 2020 for food parcels to be delivered to residents on the government’s shielded list until the national delivery scheme announced by the government could begin. Although national deliveries are now being made, the Food Hub is continuing to deliver top up supplies to the most vulnerable who are unable to make their own arrangements, including those with special dietary requirements. The Food Hub and Community Reassurance Team has not replaced Shropshire’s food banks but may deliver food parcels for people who are financially impacted by coronavirus, unable to go out and where food banks are not able to deliver. If you need support or know someone else who does, call Shropshire Council’s dedicated helpline: 0345 678 9028 or email

If you, or someone you are supporting, is on a low budget, wants to save money, or needs help accessing free or low-cost food, you can find out more from The Shropshire Larder. The Shropshire Larder has been created by the Shropshire Food Poverty Alliance. It is an online resource packed with valuable information and based on the aim to ensure everyone in Shropshire has access to healthy and affordable food. 

Information for businesses

If your business isn't included and you're providing assistance during the Covid-19 pandemic and you'd like it added, please contact us using the details below. If your business is included and you'd rather it was removed, please accept our apologies and email stating the changes you'd like made.


Shropshire Council has included the food producers, food delivery services and take away services listed on this map for public information only. The information has been gathered from public sources such as the local media and websites. This data does not form any recommendation of services and no quality checking process has been undertaken. The data does not link to any of Shropshire Council’s services such as food safety inspections and licensing. Members of the public using any of the services included on this map do so at their own risk. You can find out more about the food hygiene ratings of local businesses using the National Food Hygiene website.

Accessibility/usability issues

We're aware that this map doesn't meet accessibility requirements, and isn't optimised for mobile devices. A csv file of the data used by this map is attached to this page for those who are having difficulties accessing the information.

If you have any problems accessing this data, please email or phone customer services on 0345 678 9028, highlighting any access issues, and we'll do our best to assist by providing information in a more suitable format.