Shropshire Council

COVID-19 small grants programme


** Please note that Round 2 of this fund closed on 22 May. No further applications will be accepted **

Shropshire Council has made a total of £75,000 available to distribute in grant funding to community / VCS organisations running local initiatives to help with the COVID-19 response and other funding pressures brought about by the pandemic at a local level.

The Small Grants Programme is aimed at supporting very local initiatives. Many communities have begun initiatives to help people who are finding it difficult to cope with the current situation. This Programme will provide financial support to help these initiatives take off and be sustained throughout the coronavirus crisis. Additionally, some community facilities and village halls will be facing lost income during this time and so the council wants to help ensure that they are sustained as well.

The maximum grant available through the Small Grants Programme will be £500 per grant.

Who can apply?

This grant funding is only available to voluntary and community organisations and parish or town councils based in the Shropshire Council area.

Applicants must be properly constituted organisations and must have a bank account in the name of the organisation. If you cannot meet either of these conditions you could approach other local organisations such as your parish or town council to partner with you.

What can the money be spent on?

We don’t want to be too restrictive. However, applications for funding may only be made for:

  • supporting a local community response to COVID-19, or
  • sustaining a local asset, e.g. village hall, which has been adversely affected by loss of income as a result of the coronavirus crisis

We will ask you to set out in your application how you intend to spend the money and you should keep receipts and records if we need you to account for it afterwards.

How can I apply on behalf of my organisation?

You can either download the form from this page or you can email us at us to request an application form. You should then email the form to the email address above.

Additional information

The guidance attached to this page tells you all you need to know in order to apply for funding. If you have any queries please email us at

Funding will be made available in three rounds. This will allow us, after each round, to review where the funding has gone and what it's been used for, helping us to target future funding rounds. The first round closed on Friday 17 April 2020. Round 2 will close on Friday 22 May 2020. Round 3 will be developed over the coming months, directly with a handful of community and voluntary organisations.

Any applications received after the end of Round 2 won't be considered.

Is there any other funding available?

Yes, there are other sources of funding. As and when we become aware of these, we will add their details below.