Shropshire Council

Financial rules

Appendix 1

Shropshire Council
Financial rules

Revision date: July 2017


Summary of Revisions

  • Introduction of principles for each financial rule
  • Streamlining of narrative throughout and removal of repetition
  • Updating and applying consistency to role names used throughout
  • Updates to Asset register and Land Terrier guidance (C3.3, C3.4)
  • Additional guidance with regard to the payment for electronically procured goods and services (D4.15)
  • Exemptions to the requirements for official orders, requisitions and T&Cs requirements (D4.7)
  • Removal of references to Debit and Credit Card Uses for Council purchasing (D4.8)
  • Further clarity regarding advance payments (D4.18, D4.26)
  • Additional external funding sign off arrangements (E2)
  • Introduction of Exemption Request Guidelines (Appendix H)


Part 4 – Financial Rules

Status of financial rules

Financial rules

Financial management and control
Financial planning
Risk management and control of resources 
Systems and procedures
External arrangements 


Appendix A - Financial Management and Control

A.1 Financial Management Standards
A.2 Managing and Controlling Spending and Income:

A.3 Accounting Policies
A.4 Accounting Records and Returns
A.5 Format of the Accounts

Appendix B - Financial Planning

B.1 Strategic Plans
B.2 Budgeting:

B.3 Use of Reserves

Appendix C - Risk Management and Control of Resources

C.1 Internal Controls
C.2 Audit Requirements:

C.3 Resources: Land, Buildings, ICT, Fixed Plant and Machinery:

C.4 Asset Disposal
C.5 Risk Management and Insurance
C.6 Treasury Management and Banking
C.7 Investments and Borrowing
C.8 Unofficial and Voluntary Funds and Funds held for Third Parties:

C.9 Staffing, including Gifts and Hospitality

Appendix D - Systems and Procedures

D.1 General
D.2 Income
D.3 Payments to Employees, former Employees and Members
D.4 Ordering and Paying for Work, Goods and Services
D.5 Taxation
D.6 Trading Accounts and Business Units

Appendix E - External Arrangements

E.1 Partnerships
E.2 External Funding
E.3 Work for Third Parties
E.4 Accountable Bodies
E.5 Payments to Voluntary Organisations

Appendix F - Table of Financial Limits

Appendix G - Scheme of Virement Flowcharts Revenue and Capital

Appendix H - Exemption Request Guidelines



ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This document is based on the CIPFA document ‘Financial Regulations. A Good Practice Guide for an English Modern Council.