Shropshire Council

Supplier payments

Note to all trade suppliers

We migrated to a new finance system on 1 April 2019 which will enable us to improve productivity, increase efficiencies, decrease costs and streamline processes throughout the organisation.

A key area of change that will be implemented is the way in which we will process the invoices we receive from suppliers. From 1 April, we'll adopt a ‘No purchase order no pay’ policy, which is designed to enhance the efficiency and purpose of the purchase order for both buyers and suppliers.

The policy means that for any goods or services that we order, a purchase order will be raised which will be electronically sent to the supplier. When the supplier raises an invoice in return for the goods or services that they've provided, the supplier must ensure that the purchase order number is stated on the invoice. This will enable us to make prompt payments to suppliers and reduce any potential delays in processing invoices. If the invoice is sent to us without a valid purchase order number, it will be returned to the supplier and could result in a delay of payment.

For any orders processed before 1 April 2019 with suppliers, we recognise that a purchase order number may not have been provided, so we'll allow these invoices to be paid without a purchase order being quoted. However, all new orders will be treated under these new arrangements.

Detailed guidance notes are attached explaining how we'll process invoices from 1 April 2019.