Shropshire Council

Discounts/disregards, exemptions and reductions for disabilities

Use our Citizen Advice portal to apply for sole adult resident discount. It can also answer your account and property enquiries.

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If you have received a Single Person Discount Review letter and want more information, or wish to use our online form to confirm your continued eligibility for the single person discount, please follow this link for more information.

Authority to discuss

If you'd like to nominate another person to contact us or liaise with us about your council tax account, you can do this by completing and returning the 'authority to discuss' form, attached to this page

You should return the completed and signed form to the revenues team. Our email address and postal address are at the bottom of this page

Fair processing notice 

We're required under Section 6 of the Audit Commission Act 1998 to participate in the National Fraud Initiative (NFI) data-matching exercise.

Council tax data will be provided to the Audit Commission for NFI and will be used for cross-authority comparison for the prevention and detection of fraud. Our privacy policy gives more information.

Annual reviews

We're obliged to take reasonable steps to ensure that any discounts, disregards, reductions and exemptions continue to be applied correctly and as such will conduct an annual review. If you haven’t already received a review form or contact from the council tax team, you may do soon. 

Unfortunately we can’t take details over the phone, so if you've received a review form please complete, sign and return it to us (with any supporting evidence requested) as soon as you can, ensuring that you include any changes that may affect your continued entitlement.

You don’t have to return the form in the post. You can scan it or take a legible picture of the completed and signed form and email it to