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Community trigger process

What is the community trigger?

For those who haven't been satisfied with the response they've had when reporting anti-social behaviour, the government introduced a new power aimed at giving victims the right to request a review of their reports of anti-social behaviour which would bring agencies together to take a joined up, problem solving approach to their case. In Shropshire this is called the Shropshire Community Safety Partnership Community Trigger process.

For the purpose of the community trigger, anti-social behaviour is defined as behaviour causing harassment, alarm or distress to a member or members of the public. While specifically designed to deal with anti-social behaviour, this can be motivated by hate, and therefore the trigger includes reports of hate incidents or crimes.

What is the threshold for a community trigger?

Local agencies are required to carry out a review into their response to a complaint of anti-social behaviour or hate crime if the threshold has been met, defined as follows: 

  • the same individual has made three or more reports about anti-social behaviour in the past six months
  • one incident of anti-social behaviour or crime motivated by hate in the last three months

(nb: the anti-social behaviour incident must have been reported within one month of the alleged behaviour taking place, and the application to use the trigger must be made within six months of the report of the anti-social behaviour).

Who can use the trigger?

Individuals, businesses and community groups can all use the trigger. It can be used by a person of any age, and can also be used by any person on behalf of the victim. However, the victim’s consent should be sought by the person using it on their behalf.

Find out more about the trigger process.

If you think you have a qualifying complaint please use the form attached to this page.

Where a victim has a language or literacy issue or a learning disability, we'll accept applications from a designated person. However, the signed consent of the complainant will be required as part of the official application.