Shropshire Council

Customer care standards

Everything we do is about ensuring a better future for the people of Shropshire. We aim to deliver a range of services that are high quality, accessible and that meet the needs of our customers. Our customer care standards describe the levels of service you can expect from front-facing Shropshire Council services. 

All our services will:

  • treat customers fairly and with respect
  • offer a friendly, polite and professional service
  • see you promptly when you visit our offices
  • answer your letters and phone calls promptly
  • listen to you
  • do our best to help you and let you know how quickly we can act
  • provide easy to understand information in plain language
  • keep you informed about the services we provide
  • deal with your comments, suggestions and complaints positively
  • respect your confidentiality
  • listen to your views about improving our policies and practices

When you contact us by telephone we will:

  • try to answer telephone calls within five rings
  • aim to resolve 80% of queries on the first call
  • use answerphone/voicemail if calls cannot be answered
  • respond to voicemail messages within one working day
  • send any information to you within three working days of your request unless you agree otherwise

When you contact us by email we will:

  • acknowledge receipt of your email, if you send it via our website within 24 hours
  • respond to your email within five working days
  • let you know if the officer you are emailing is out of the office, and when they will return, if you email an officer personally

When you visit us we will:

  • ensure the safety of our customers and staff within welcoming surroundings
  • ensure our staff behave professionally and politely
  • ensure our staff are smart and presentable
  • ensure our offices will be as accessible as possible;  aim for all our receptions to be accessible to people who use wheelchairs and pushchairs
  • ensure all our offices carry a Shropshire Council logo. Each office will provide a brief description of the services that are available, along with opening hours and emergency contact numbers
  • ensure emergency exits are signposted in all our buildings, which will meet the needs of disabled people
  • aim, wherever possible, for a member of staff to assist you within five minutes of your arrival
  • aim to see you within ten minutes of your appointment time; if your appointment time is delayed, we will tell you why
  • provide you with a private interview if you request it
  • listen to what you have to say - we will provide a box for your suggestions, or for you to return consultation information such as questionnaires
  • arrange for an interpreter where one is needed
  • if you cannot visit one of our offices, we will make other arrangements to see you

When we visit you we will:

  • call vulnerable customers at least one hour before our arrival time to confirm when we will arrive
  • let you know as soon as possible if we are going to miss an appointment
  • carry identification and show it to you straight away. If someone from Shropshire Council visits you and you are unsure of their identity, don't let them into your home. Take their name and the reference number from their identity badge, and call us on 0345 678 9000
  • explain who we are and the purpose of the visit
  • let you know what will happen as a result of our visit and when

When we write to you or email you we will:

  • tell you who is dealing with your query, their contact details (including direct telephone number, email address and fax number) and where in the council they work
  • use “Plain English” and make sure that information is available in other formats if requested
  • ensure we respond to any letters and questions sent to us within ten working days
  • respond to emails within five working days

How you can help us:

  • we are committed to providing the highest standards of service and there are a number of ways in which you can help us.
  • if you bring all the correct documentation and information, we will be able to deal with your request quicker and will reduce the number of visits necessary
  • be aware of and follow any special instructions that you receive.
  • give us feedback on what you liked and what you did not like about the service you received
  • treat our staff and other customers with courtesy and respect.  Our staff and other customers should not be expected to deal with violent, rude or disruptive customers
  • act in a way that will ensure your health and safety, as well as that of our staff and other customers

Your feedback

If you have any comments, compliments or complaints, please let us know, either through our website them on this site or by calling the Customer Service Centre on 0345 678 9000.