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How do I register a sensory impairment?

You're able to register as deaf or hard of hearing with our team if your hearing impairment has a significant impact on your to day to day life, for example if you're not able to listen to your television easily and find yourself turning the volume up, or you're no longer able to hear conversation in a busy place with lots of background noise. We'll contact your audiologist to ascertain the most appropriate level of registration for you based on your audiogram, and we can then issue you with a yellow registration card.

There are certain benefits that come with being registered hearing impaired, for example it helps us with strategic planning and the subsequent financial development of our service, as well as enabling you to be eligible for some travel concessions and VAT exemption when purchasing certain equipment relating to your hearing impairment.

You're able to register as sight impaired (partially sighted) or severely sight impaired (blind) with our team following receipt of a certificate of vision impairment (CVI) from your consultant ophthalmologist. On receipt of your CVI, we'll contact you to inform you that we've received it, and ask for your consent to be registered, as well as to offer you an assessment from our rehabilitation officer for vision impairment (ROVI).

There are certain benefits that come with being registered as vision impaired. For example, it helps us with planning, financial predictions, and development of services, as well as enabling you to access services such as RNIB Talking Books and local and national 'talking newspapers'. You may also be entitled to a reduced television licence, help with telephone installation and rental charges, and free postage on items marked ‘Articles for the blind’.

For those registered severely sight impaired (blind), you're automatically entitled to a blue badge, although you still need to apply for one by calling 0345 6789 014 or apply online. People registered sight impaired (partially sighted) with additional disabilities may also qualify – please contact the Blue Badge scheme directly to enquire.

We can support you in arranging the help you need, and put you in touch with other organisations. For further information please contact us:

  • Phone: 01743 250529
  • Email: