Shropshire Council

Free property flood protection assessment

There are many ways to adapt your property to make it more resilient to flooding.  Some measures can be used to keep water out of a property entirely, whilst others help to reduce damage and reduce clean up times if it is not feasible to keep floodwater out.  It is not a good idea to rely on sandbags although the council does hold stocks of them.

The following links provide further really useful information on protecting your property:

Do you have any other responsibilities?

If you own property which borders a watercourse or if there is a watercourse flowing across your property then you are responsible, at least in part, for its maintenance.  The term watercourse includes rivers, streams, brooks, ditches, culverts, mill races, sluices, dykes and any other means through which water flows across the land. 

Other drainage systems serving your property may be your responsibility too.