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Shropshire’s Early Help Strategy

We're pleased to be able to publish a refresh of the Early Help Strategy for Shropshire for 2016-2018.

The refresh:

  • Reflects the changes and further developments to systems for identifying, assessing and providing early help and a whole family approach.
  • Takes into consideration transformation of services and ways of working, both in the organisation of children’s services but also of other stakeholders and organisations including business and financial strategies of public services.
  • Takes into account our learning from: understanding of effectiveness, quality assurance and lessons from wider research and learning, including points raised in the Ofsted National Thematic Inspection of Early Help.

Many organisations have had the opportunity to comment on the strategy as it was being updated, and we welcomed their contribution. If you'd like to offer any feedback on the strategy or any other aspects of early help in Shropshire please email

Early Help Communications Plan

Our Communications Plan sets out the framework for delivering effective communications to support the Strengthening Families through Early Help strategy. The framework covers both internal and external communications, on and off line. **Updated plan to follow**

Early Help Effectiveness Report

**Updated information to follow**

Early Help Outcomes Framework

The Early Help Outcomes Framework has been developed by early help stakeholders, and sets out the differences we aim to make as a result of early help. These include outcomes for practitioners/service delivery, as well as for children, young people and parents/carers. This framework forms part of the Early Help Evaluation Framework and will evolve as early help progresses. **Updated framework to follow**

Market position statement

We're working with partners to develop early help services for our area. We're keen to involve a wide range of stakeholders in contributing to the future development of commissioning for early help in Shropshire.

It's important that your views as practitioners contribute to and shape this work. As part of the process, we're developing an early help market position statement. We've put together a diagram to simply illustrate the purpose of the statement. **Updated statement and diagram to follow**

If you'd like to receive a copy of the final early help market position statement, please email your details to

Thank you for taking the time to contribute your views.

Supporting information

**Supporting information to follow**

Early Help Effectiveness Report

**Updated report to follow**