Shropshire Council

Strengthening Families (ECINS) - FAQs

What does ECINS stand for?

Empowering Communities Inclusion and Neighbourhood Management System.

What is ECINS and how do I use it?

ECINS has been introduced in Shropshire to enable practitioners working with children, young people and families to create an environment where everyone knows what everyone else is doing.

It enables practitioners to choose who they share information with – securely, across multiple agencies and even across county borders. It provides a central hub where practitioners can task and inform one another. It brings together assessments and action plans in one place and shares information in real time. It dramatically speeds up processes, enabling support to be quickly and effectively offered.

By enabling you to communicate easily and openly across multiple agencies, ECINS helps to improve working relationships so that your customers receive joined up support and intervention that will provide better outcomes for all.

What happens if I haven't got access to ECINS?

You should contact Strengthening Families to sign you up and give you the training and support you need:

How do I sign up to ECINS?

Your agency will need to have signed the three information-sharing documents. A registration form will then automatically be sent to users. Once this is completed and authorised confirmation will then be emailed.

Will it cost me to use ECINS?

ECINS uses web-based technology. Shropshire Strengthening Families has purchased the licence, so there's no cost in introducing ECINS into an organisation.