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Strengthening Families (tools and forms) - FAQs

Where can I access tools and forms?

All tools and forms can be downloaded from these webpages.

What is the Family Webstar, and how do I use it?

The Family Webstar is an assessment tool which can be used as a starting point for a discussion with family members where there are early help needs emerging.

The areas for discussion within the Family Webstar align with the criteria from the Troubled Families programme and include:

  • Offending behaviour
  • The community where you live
  • Are your children attending school regularly?
  • Family and friendships
  • Parenting and your child/children’s behaviour
  • Housing
  • Money and employment
  • Healthy relationships
  • Emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Physical health

The Family Webstar diagram (see the whole Family Webstar form) is also supported by structured questions which enable contextual information to be gathered, combining these as part of a fuller assessment of the whole family. Guidance documents will be available soon.

Is the Family Webstar available to complete on ECINS?

The Webstar should be completed on the lead family member as part of the assessment.

How do they record the views of all the family members, especially if the views differ?

We're in the process of producing some guidance to support practitioners in completing Webstars and to establish practice standards. As soon as that guidance is finished it'll be published on these pages.

Do I have to complete all sections of the Family Webstar?

You should add all of the information you have about the family to the relevant section of the Family Webstar. There may be sections where you don’t have information, and in these circumstances it's possible to ask others who know the family to add and share the information they have about the family.

What is a whole family action plan and how do I complete one?

The whole family action plan is about working with the family to identify goals, solutions and tasks to aid the identification of the right service at the right time. The action plan links to the Strengthening Families outcomes.

Do I have to wait for other practitioners to add to the Family Webstar on ECINS, before I submitted a referral to early help?

Please complete the relevant elements of the family assessment with the family, showing why the referral is being made. The family’s voice needs to be evident in this. The Webstar should be completed by the family once you've discussed the areas of the Webstar fully. Most importantly we need to know what the expected outcome of the referral is, that is, what does the family need help to achieve what's on the action plan.  A referral can then be submitted, even if other elements of the assessment aren't completed, although obviously it's better to have a whole picture of need.

Do we still have early help partnership meetings?

Yes, early help partnership meetings are important in bringing together families and practitioners to talk.

What paperwork do I still need to send into Compass?

If a lead professional is not yet signed up to ECINS to add new cases, they should continue to send the Family Webstar, family action plan and referral forms into Compass. For a limited period of time any new cases will be added on the lead professional's behalf by admin support.

Referrals for targeted early help should continue to come through Compass using the referral form. We're developing ECINS so referrals can be made through ECINS, and we’ll keep you posted about when this can start, and when associated guidance material becomes available.