Shropshire Council

Healthy child programme

The Healthy Child Programme is a framework for the delivery of a wide range of universal services for families from pregnancy to age 19, including maternity, health visiting, the Family Nurse Partnership, school nurses and schools-based programmes. Examples include:

Healthy Start

If you're pregnant or have a child under age of four you may be eligible for free Healthy Start vouchers that can be exchanged for food such as milk, fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables, as well as vitamins. The Healthy Start Scheme is means tested. To find out if you qualify go to the Healthy Start website.

You can also get the Healthy Start vitamins for a small charge from participating pharmacists. Take a look at the map of locations of participating pharmacists.

The Start Well programme

This programme promotes healthy weaning and a healthy diet for 0-5 year olds. Further information can be found on the Start4Life webpages.

Healthy Shropshire’s Eat Better Move More (EBMM) programme

This programme enhances the skills and knowledge of those working with or supporting young children and families.

Healthy Shropshire's Active4Health programme

This programme provides information and support for local people who are looking to become more active and improve their overall health and wellbeing, and includes an online directory to help people find appropriate and accredited exercise classes in their local community.

Targeted Mental Health Support (TAMHS)

TaMHS is available for all Shropshire schools to participate in to enable them to develop a whole-school approach to emotional health and wellbeing. Schools are able to access an evidence-based training programme and resources to equip them with skills and knowledge to develop effective interventions and projects in schools.

Making Every Contact Count

This programme will be expanded to support healthy lifestyle change through brief one-to-one discussions between frontline staff and parents.

Respect Yourself

The Respect Yourself school programme provides schools with curriculum and home school partnership materials on issues such as relationships and sex education, and the 'Eat Better and Move More' initiative.